All Your Storage Questions – Answered!

Storage units are a mystery to many. The amount of people I’ve spoken to who don’t know how storage works is surprising! So I’ve put together a quick blog that goes over some of the questions that come up most often.


#1 What is Self Storage?


Self storage grants you extra space to store items that you don’t have room for. This could be during things like house moves, or general storage. Or you could use them to keep valuable such as cars safe while you’re on holiday.


If you’re using units to store your valuable goods, one of the most pressing questions you may have is…

#2 Are Storage Units safe?

– Yes! External storage containers are strong and weather-proof. 

They’re made of industrial strength steel and designed for rigorous international transport. This makes them hard to break into whilst keeping your items unexposed.


– Internal storage is also very safe. 

Being inside a building or warehouse protects the units from the elements. And the walls will be very strong and break-in resistant.


Of course, it’s one thing reading here that your items are secure and another to check for yourself. So you may be wondering…

#3 How can I make sure that my items are secure?

Most storage companies are very serious about protecting their customers’ items. But for peace of mind you may want to check for yourself, too. 

So I’ve compiled a checklist of a few key signs of a secure storage facility.

  • 24 hour CCTV 

For any storage facility, 24 hour CCTV is a must. It records all activity all hours of the day. So your items are always monitored.

  • Security Guards 

Not every facility will have security to watch the facility during the day or night. But for that extra peace of mind it can be a good idea.

  • Padlocked or pass-coded access 

Having a secured entry to the facility itself is also a good sign. This stops anyone that doesn’t have a unit from walking in.

  • Well lit areas 

This goes for any facility whether outdoor containers, a warehouse or a building. A well lit facility usually means better CCTV quality. And makes it harder for anyone to sneak in undetected. 

  • Well kept and maintained property  

A  well-maintained facility shows the staff take pride and responsibility over their services. This is a sign of a facility you can trust.


When you think of a storage facility, you may have images of a dirty and unkempt area come to mind. Which begs the question, is this accurate? …

#4 Are storage units clean?



A sign of a good company is that it takes care over the appearance and cleanliness of its site.


 Most reputable storage companies will clean their units before and after use.


To check everything’s in order, I’d recommend asking to see the unit before you pay for it or sign anything. And also check for damages such as water stains or wall dents.


#5 Are Storage Units Fireproof?

External units definitely are fireproof. The majority of them are repurposed steel shipping containers.

Internal storage units will also have fire prevention methods such as sprinklers.

All facilities should have restrictions on storing flammable materials. These include gasoline and chemicals, to prevent the start of fires.

#6 Are Storage units climate controlled?

Ventilation in external containers can help control the inside temperature and prevent condensation.


Most internal Storage facilities will have some form of temperature control. Such as heating and ventilation. Extensive temperature control is only needed in countries where humidity is an issue.


So, now you know a lot about storage units themselves, you’re probably wondering…


#7 How does storage work?

Using self storage is simple and easy!

Usually, the first thing you’ll need to do is reserve a unit. You can do this on the phone, online or in person.

You can then sign your storage contract (bring 2 forms of ID!) and pay your deposit.

Then you’re free to move your items in! Simple, right?


Not every company will do things exactly the same. But they often have a FAQs page where you can find out further information. Or enquire directly!


Extra tip: Some places will allow same day move-ins, some won’t – make sure to research before renting a unit

So there you have it. Some of the most asked questions about storage – answered!