Medical Storage

5 reasons why a storage container is great for medical storage.

Storing medical equipment and tools safely is a crucially important task. Making sure nothing is damaged, contaminated, and that stocks are kept full can be difficult.

Self-storage allows you to store your equipment safely with a lot more freedom and flexibility than other alternatives. With adaptable contracts and 24/7 security, the tiring task of keeping your container safe and secure is lifted off your shoulders.


Your containers and everything within them are under the careful watch of our 30+ CCTV cameras and our 24/7 present staff in our offices.

Once you’ve moved in your possessions and locked up your unit we’ll keep an eye over everything to let you sleep soundly.


Full access to every unit on our site is available from our carefully planned, smooth and wide roads allowing for almost any vehicle to operate around the site. Drive straight up to the doors of your container and load/unload within seconds.

Our containers are always cleaned and before each new customer enters. This means that whatever your plans are for your unit, you can be confident that we have maximised the space available to you.


For a small additional fee, we are happy to install power sockets and lighting inside your container. Be it for increasing visibility if you work late hours during the winter, or if you just need a plug for your radio as you move your items.

Using tool racks and workbenches, you can easily transform any container into a mini-office, workshop or studio. You’re not limited to just storing things with us, we always encourage small businesses to succeed and innovate.

On-site Assistance

Our site has a forklift available for any customer, provided they are over 18 and have the appropriate licencing. The forklift can be a useful and necessary tool for lifting and moving heavy objects in a safe and controlled manner.

We also have a toilet, small kitchen area, and stock of useful storage tools and equipment available at our onsite offices.

Range of Storage

We offer containers ranging from 35, 75, 150, 300 and 450sqft in floor space, meaning that provided we have a free unit, we can fit you in.

Our 35sqft units are similar in size to a storage cupboard, as where our 300sqft units can easily fit the contents of a family home.

This means that we can handle the storage of nearly any medical equipment or stock needed with plenty of room to move, organise and amass all that you need.

Find Out More

To find out more about self storage or renting a unit with us, feel free to give us a call or visit the site.