Twenty4 Secure Storage is located within minutes of Leeds city centre. We offer a new self-storage solution that allows you to drive up to your walk-in storage unit for a hassle-free experience. Forget trolleys, lifts and corridors, at Twenty4 Secure Storage you can drive right up to your personal walk-in storage unit and offload your belongings directly from your car boot.

Our site is manned 24/7 and additionally secured by CCTV. This means that you can relax at home knowing that your stuff is safe, and that you have access to your personal storage unit any time of the day and night to either drop off or collect stuff.


We are experts in self storage and as such we offer a good selection of quality boxes as well as other protective and packing materials onsite. Just ask our friendly staff and they will be able to pick the best materials to keep your items looking like new. And please leave the heavier stuff to us! Our professional heavy lifting equipment can lift up to 7 tonnes (equivalent to 2 medium-sized cars) and our helpful staff will be delighted to give you a hand anytime, which means that you can pop in on your own for greater flexibility.

Whether you need a long term or a shorter term storage solution for your home or business, Twenty4 Secure Storage offers you peace of mind and flexibility at the best rates.


There are several reasons why people may need extra space throughout their lives, and we cater for them all.


Moving to a new home can be a stressful event: many things to organise, many deadlines to meet, many costs to incur… At Twenty4 Secure Storage we are able to remove some of the pressure through competitive rates and no minimum rental periods, so you have one less thing to worry about.


If you are currently using your garage as storage and keeping your car parked on the road… Think again! We offer self storage units in a variety of sizes for you to put away as many things as you need: bikes, extra beds, toys, sofas, garden furniture… You decide. Just use us as an additional spare room and come and get what you need when you need it.


Protect your furniture during house renovations! Don’t risk your items being damaged during painting or other home improvement activities. Store them with us for as little or as long as you may need to, and put them back in place looking their best.


Here’s finally a solution to your business storage needs: an affordable warehouse for your commercial stocks and/or professional tools and equipment at seriously competitive rates.


You may decide a smaller home would suit your present circumstances better but would like to keep hold of certain belongings that have a sentimental value and/or that may come in useful in the future. Storing your items at our facility will allow you to make a careful selection in your own time and without pressure, and we will be happy to organise the donation or disposal of any items you decide you no longer need.


You may be living in shared accommodation and your room may not be big enough to keep all your books, exercise equipment, bike, tent, winter clothes, skiing equipment or instruments. By storing these items at Twenty4 Secure Storage you can continue to enjoy your cheap and sociable accommodation whilst having 24/7 access to the stuff you need.


You may need to temporarily relocate due to work or other circumstances, and may not want to take all your stuff with you to bring it back again in a few months’ time. Keep your belongings safe with us at a fraction of the transportation costs.