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Shipping Container Storage, Leeds
Affordable and Secure

Shipping Containers have unique and versatile features that often go unknown. On this page we will reveal all.

Here you’ll find a brief history of shipping containers. As well as an explanation of their unique features. We also provide information on storing certain items and overcoming common problems.

Our Containers in Leeds

Located close to Leeds and surrounding areas, we offer cost-effective storage container hire. Using these one-trip containers reduces the impact of their wastage. And guarantees our units are in next-to-new condition.

From the standard sized 150 sq ft storage unit, we have made a wide range of different sized storage spaces. We subdivide our units into quarters to create 35sqft units and halves for 75 sq.ft units. This gives space to suit any storage requirements both long term and short term.



150 sq ft

External parking area

X Small

X Small

35 sq.ft

Stores: Content of garden shed



75 sq.ft

Stores: Content of Studio flat



150 sq.ft

Stores: Content of 3 bedroom house



300 sq.ft

Stores: Content of Large house

X Large

X Large

450 sqft

3 off 150 sq ft units

So What Makes Leeds Storage Containers So Great?

Our containers can suit a variety of storage uses. From personal to business to archive.

  • Designed for long-term endurance
    Shipping containers seal almost completely to outlast the toughest ocean storms. This makes them weather-proof, dust-proof and rodent-proof.

  • Uniform and clean
    We maintain the good quality appearance and condition of our site and units. To keep our containers free from rust we coat them in a protective sealant. Then paint them our signature blue colour.

  • 24/7 security and access
    We offer 24 hour security and CCTV, giving you stress-free, easy access to our site.

  • Location
    We’re a short journey from Leeds city centre. This means we’re connected to most major motorway networks and other routes in and out of the city. Catering to those all around West Yorkshire.

  • Storage containers are easy to transform
    We are able to create different sized units for differing storage needs. Such as lockers for archive storage, and 300 sq ft units for large amounts of items.

  • Useful for more than their namesake
    Being weatherproof and secure, containers also create an ideal office or work space.

The Rise of Shipping Containers

Ever wondered exactly where shipping containers come from? We’re here to lay it out for you.

1956 saw the creation of the first successful shipping container business. They are now part of the most adopted industry standards on the globe. Shipping containers form the backbone of modern international trade.

Their creation supported a system of ‘intermodalism’. This system had items remain in the same container throughout their shipping journey. Trains, trucks and ships could transport containers between them. This made shipping more efficient. But the rise of one trip shipping containers also has consequences. Many containers now spend more than half their 15 year lifespan unused.

Why take precautions with flammable materials?


Shipping containers almost completely seal shut. So it can be dangerous to store equipment that uses flammable materials. This includes gas, or solvents and other chemicals. These materials can release vapours which accumulate in the container.

This increases the potential for fire as well as being a health risk.

  • Flammable Materials
    Shipping containers almost completely seal shut, so it can be dangerous to store equipment that uses flammable materials. This includes gas, or solvents and other chemicals.

  • Engines
    Ensure that the fuel tanks are completely empty as even small amounts of gasoline can pose risks. We advise you air out your unit at regular intervals.


We advise against the storage of wet and damp items as these may cause condensation.

There are many easy ways to prevent excessive condensation and the damage it can cause:

  • Pallets to prevent damp
    Dampness can sometimes reach your items through the flooring of containers. Using pallets will keep your items elevated and stop damp from reaching them. Though you need to pay attention to the type of wood, as some varieties or newer wood can contain a lot of moisture.

  • Desic-can’t, or desic-can?
    Desiccants are also effective in protecting your items from water damage. They absorb excess water from the air. This reduces the buildup of moisture that leads to condensation.