4 reasons why a storage container is great for moving house.

Moving house can be stressful, the chaos of trying to transport everything big and small safely and without breaking the bank. At Twenty4 Secure Storage we see many of our customers who use our facility to ease this process. So, we thought we’d go the next step and provide some helpful hints and tips on the usefulness of a storage container when moving house.

It can seem like a checklist of things to do when moving home.

The list can be endless. From sorting council tax, utilities and broadband or simply making sure you’ve told those who need to know that you’re moving!

Hopefully these 4 reasons for using a storage container can help take one or two things off that list!


Before moving house it can be a great move to first declutter your home. Not only does this help reduce the amount of goods that you need to move to your new home but it can help you prioritise what you really need.

Renting a storage container can help by holding the items that you’ve decided to remove during your declutter.

This helps by reducing stress by knowing that you’ve removed any unnecessary loads to move. Plus you have the comfort of knowing the items that you have departed with are still secure and ready when you need them.

Create an Inventory

Using a storage unit can be great for organisation when it comes to reduce the stress of where to start when moving house. Not just organising the needs of updating your address or totalling up any fees, but an inventory of everything you’re moving helps make sure nothing is lost or damaged.

After you declutter your home, moving everything from your home one room at a time can really help. Correctly labelling bags and packing boxes as you load them into your storage unit can help you tick off each item and each room until your old home is empty. Then when you’re ready you can do the whole thing in reverse! Unloading into your new home you can follow your inventory and breathe a sigh of relief knowing you’ve got it all.

Don’t Wait Around

If you’re moving a lot of items at a time, a removals company can be a great way of speeding things up! As you pack up your old home, you can load the rental van and have a driver transport and unload the items at your storage unit and return to you ready for the next load.

This keeps you free for organising, packing and all those last minute double checks around the house.

By having the storage unit loaded up and ready, you can keep the bare essentials with you while you wait for your new home to be ready. Then, when the day comes you can call up the removal companies, van hire or transport your goods yourself. No need to wait to empty your home, just have everything ready to go when you are.

Protection For Your Items

Moving house can be an emotional time for anyone, be it by yourself, with your family or a partner it’ll always be hard to leave home. With things such as pregnancies, death, separation or your child flying the nest being difficult, but necessary things that often lead to moving house, you don’t need anything going wrong and making it harder.

Keep your items safe and secure to avoid the stressful events on moving day such as discovering that the picture of you and a loved one has been damaged, the dinner tables broke in half or moths got at your clothes. Having a storage unit rented and ready to go, you can make sure everything important to you is held safely until you’re moving day is done and you’re ready to pick them up.

Make sure you start your new home the right way, happy, stress free and yourself and your items safe.

Hopefully these points have helped you think of ways to ease the process of moving home.

If you’re left with more questions or curiosities please don’t hesitate to visit us on site or call us.