Running a business

3 reasons why a storage container is great for running a business.

Safety and Security

When a business is your own, it feels like an extension of yourself. So protecting your business and its assets is understandably a high priority for any independent business.

Our site is manned and watched 24/7. This means that every container and storage unit on site is under the watchful eye of our 30+ CCTV cameras and dedicated staff.

This allows you to breathe easy knowing that our staff are always ready at hand to look for any weather damage, or potential dangers on site when you’re here, and more importantly when you’re not.


In the early days of any business it can be hard to organise and get the freedom to focus.

Many of our existing business storage customers actually use some of our medium 150sqft storage units as offices, workshops or studios.

On Site Service

Many of our on site services can help with running your businesses. Our on site forklift is ready for use by any of our customers with a valid licence to drive a forklift.

Our 24/7 office staff are always on hand to answer any questions, queries you have.

Additionally, we provide lighting & socket installations upon request.

Having these small but very useful services ready on hand whilst you’re storing with us make life a whole lot easier. In addition to those already listed, we also have toilet facilities and a kettle for them all important brews.

If you have any questions about our site, want to talk to our staff, or need help with choosing which storage unit size is right for you, please don’t hesitate to visit us on site or call us.