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Frequently asked questions

Below we have provided you with a list of frequently asked questions. They should help you with any additional information you are looking for.

If you do have any more questions please don’t hesitate to call us on 0113 323 2056.

What is self storage?

Self storage comes in the form of a secure unit that can be used to store both personal and business belongings.

How does self storage work

Once you know how much you want to store, simply choose the size of your unit, reserve your unit and move your belongings into your unit. You can then walk away from your unit knowing that your belongings are safely stored. To choose your unit size, take a look here.

How do I reserve a storage unit?

You can reserve a storage unit by paying a refundable security deposit worth four weeks rent of the size unit you wish to rent. You can do this in our office, over the phone or on our website. If you no longer require storage let us know and allow up to 14 days for your refund to be credited back to your account.

How do I pay for storage?

Costs of storage units varies depending on its size. There is then a fee to pay every 4 weeks.

Are there any hidden costs?

No, we let you know about any upfront costs upon enquiry, the things you need to take into consideration are:

  • 4 weeks advance rent
  • Refundable security deposit which will usually be 4 weeks rent
  • The cost of insurance if required
  • A padlock if you wish to purchase one from our shop on site
Do you credit check?

No, this is why we ask you to pay in advance.

Can I claim back VAT?

We are VAT registered, whether you can claim VAT back depends on you being VAT registered, you can call HMRC to find this out.

Does the quote price include insurance?

No, as we do not know upon quotation the value of the items you wish to store.

How much does insurance cost?

Our insurance starts from 50p per week, per £1000 worth of goods.

Do I have to take out insurance with Twenty4 Secure Storage?

No, you may insure your items personally, although we do recommend taking out our insurance as it is specifically developed for storage companies.

What ID do I require to start using my unit?

We require 2 forms of ID, one must be proof of address and one must be photo ID. Please note scanned or copied documents will not be accepted.

If I am storing as a business what ID do I need?

Please provide a letter from the business to confirm that you have the authority to sign the Customer Licence on behalf of the company & a letter/bill confirming company address.

Why do you take my ID?

For security reasons we need to keep a record of all active customers.

What is an emergency contact?

We ask for an alternate contact in case we are unable to contact yourself for any reason. You will have the option to decide whether this person can gain entry to your unit and/or will be able to discuss your account with us.

How do I update my contact details?

You can call or email us to update your telephone number. Any change of address must be proven with a form of ID which should be brought into our office.

How do I request for my data to be removed from your system?

Please send us an email to [email protected] with your full name and we shall process this request immediately.

Will you provide my data to third parties?

No. Here at Twenty4 Secure Storage we take your personal data very seriously, we only store your data upon enquiry with your permission (through entering your information into our website, over the phone & on site or through email/social media enquiries)

Can I view the facilities before moving in?

Yes, we encourage all customers to come onto site and have a tour. We can then work out what is best for each individual and make sure you are happy with the service provided.

Can I bring my own padlock or rent one?

Unfortunately we do not offer a padlock rental service. You may bring your own padlock, however, the padlocks we sell onsite are of a suitable durability and the correct size for our unit doors

Do you sell stock on site?

Yes we sell all packaging materials, such as: shrink wrap, bubble wrap, boxes, furniture covers etc.

Do you have a forklift on site?

Yes we do, you may rent the forklift out for a small charge, providing you have a valid forklift license. Alternatively we can arrange for a member of our team to assist you.

Can you recommend removal companies?

Yes, leave the hard work to us, we can gather quotes and find the most suitable for yourself. Then, all you have to do is confirm the time and date you wish to move.

Is there anyone that can help me offload my items?

Although we do not provide this service as standard, if you need a hand with offloading, a member of our staff can help you with a forklift at an additional cost, providing a suitable person to do so will be on site at this time.

Do the units come with shelves?

No, our units are completely empty, although we can sell you suitable racking.

Do the units come with electricity?

No, however we do provide sockets and/or lighting at an additional cost, but we ask that you allow up to 2 weeks for all additional jobs to be completed.

Will my items stay dry in the units?

Yes, all of our units are 100% watertight as they ship products overseas: the only way a unit would get any moisture inside is if a damp item is placed into it.

Is there any CCTV in my unit?

No, there is no CCTV inside of the unit, however, all our site CCTV covers every corridor and unit entrance.

Can I upsize/downsize my storage space?

Yes. If you require a smaller or larger area you may change your room size subject to availability. You just need to sign a new Customer Licence and move your goods from one room to the other.

Can I allow other members to access my unit?

Yes, you can set this up, just inform our staff upon creating your contract.

Can I park onsite?

Yes, whilst in our office or loading to and from your unit, parking on site is free.

Can I leave my vehicle parked on site overnight?

No, for security reasons all vehicles left on site will have to be done so with a valid contract, our parking spaces are flexible and can be taken for as little or long as needed, we use the same process as renting a unit.

Are there toilets on site?

Yes we have public toilets.

Do you have an onsite cafeteria?

We can provide hot drinks on site & are located within walking distance of a large supermarket & various cafes.

Are children allowed on site?

Yes as long as all children are supervised by an adult.

Are pets allowed on site?

We ask all pets are kept safely inside your vehicles, other than guide dogs which will be allowed onsite.

Do you offer discounts?