Student Storage

Convenient, affordable and easy.

It comes around every year, end of term. And with that, accommodation contracts are near their close. Cue the mounting stress over deadlines and exams. Summer gets closer by the second and never have you felt so ready for the holidays. The last thing you want to think about is the hassle of having to move your stuff out of your uni room.

Trying to get everything on the train, coach, or even fitting it in a car doesn’t seem worth the effort. Especially when you’re going to be bringing it all back again in a few months’ time. Or it seems that your stuff has somehow multiplied over the course of the year. And you’ve no idea how you’re going to fit that amount of things into your bedroom back home.

For international students, the struggle can be even worse. Airports are stressful enough without the added logistics of moving all your belongings. Which is where uni student storage can come in handy.

So what makes self storage the right solution?

Self storage is a simple, quick and cost-effective way to move and store your belongings. There’s more than one reason that it makes a viable solution for Leeds students.

  • Don’t worry about moving your stuff
    Most storage companies can transport your items to their storage facility for you. You don’t have to worry about figuring out how to move your items. Which was likely part of the problem in the first place.
  • Can’t take it with you
    Some items are too big to move. You wont need it back home. It could be you bike to uni but not at home. Or kayaking was a great idea until you ended up with a kayak and no kayak-space
  • A bit more protection
    You do have accommodation over the summer that you could leave your stuff in. But to be frank, you don’t trust your housemates enough to have everything in the same place when you get back.
  • You need more space
    First year halls are notorious for being small. It’s easy to underestimate how much space your stuff takes up. You know that whatever you send back home you’ll end up needing the moment it’s gone.

So, want cheap student storage? Look no further.

Why Store with Twenty4

We offer storage services to students from all Leeds universities. And understand that students are looking for low cost but good quality services in Leeds. Which is why we aim to offer exactly that.

  • 24 hour security for your peace of mind
    Leaving your stuff unattended for long periods of time can make you feel uneasy. Your worrying taking away from the relaxing holiday you should be having. We always have a member of staff or security onsite, and have round the clock CCTV. This means that your items are never left alone or unprotected in our facilities.
  • Anytime access, only for you
    If you find that the nocturnal student life is also influencing your storage habits, don’t worry! You can get your stuff whenever you need it, regardless of the hour. The only person who has a key to your unit is you, adding an extra layer of protection.
  • Easy online booking
    Self storage has never been easier! You can get a quote and reserve your unit via our website on your laptop, tablet or mobile.
  • No hassle, same-day move in
    We understand it’s easy to forget about things. As a student you’re likely faced with more pressing issues. You don’t need to worry about leaving things until the last minute, you can move in the same day you reserve a unit.

The Easy Steps to Storing With Us

Go on to our website to find the size that’s right for you. Reserve your storage unit online. (yes there’s a fee, but this gets taken out of your contract once you get your unit.)

Make sure to bring 2 forms of ID so you can sign your storage agreement. After that, the unit’s yours! Move your stuff in whenever you want.

Don’t forget to pack your items into boxes to protect them, and make sure to bring a padlock. We have both of these and more available to buy onsite. We can also arrange for removal services for items that need collection.

Collect your items whenever best suits you. If you are wanting to end your contract we ask for at least 7 days notice (email is fine), and will refund any days you don’t use.

Don’t Forget…

Most storage companies either offer insurance or recommend insurance. This covers the cost of replacing your items in the unlikely event of damage or theft. We offer insure at little extra cost and no hassle- it gets added onto your weekly rent.

To store your items we recommend that you place them in student storage boxes. You can buy these at our site, or get them elsewhere.

Still unsure? See our guide on How to Store