Below we have provided you with a list of frequently asked questions. They should help you with any additional information you are looking for.

If you do have any more questions please don’t hesitate to call us on 0113 323 2056.

Selecting a unit

What is self storage?
How does self storage work?
How do I reserve a storage unit?
How do I pay for storage?
Can I view the facilities before moving in?
Can I bring my own padlock or rent one?
Can I upsize/downsize my storage space?


Are there any hidden costs?
Do you credit check?
Can I claim back VAT?
Does the quote price include insurance?
How much does insurance cost?
Do I have to take out insurance with Twenty4 Secure Storage?
Do you offer discounts?


Do the units come with shelves?
Do the units come with electricity?
Will my items stay dry in the units?
Is there any CCTV in my unit?
Can I park onsite?
Are there toilets on site?
Do you have an onsite cafeteria?
Are children allowed on site?
Are pets allowed on site?
Can I leave my vehicle parked on site overnight?

Moving In

What ID do I require to start using my unit?
If I am storing as a business what ID do I need?
Why do you take my ID?
What is an emergency contact?
Do you sell stock on site?
Do you have a forklift on site?
Can you recommend removal companies?
Is there anyone that can help me offload my items?


How do I update my contact details?
How do I request for my data to be removed from your system?
Will you provide my data to third parties?
Can I allow other members to access my unit?