The Power of the Storage Container

Shipping containers are very versatile. Their uses go beyond storage and transport. You can alter them to suit a range of purposes. They can be part of commercial business initiatives, as well as home projects. The uses of shipping containers seem almost limitless.


Here you’ll see exactly what they can do…


Containers for Businesses

They can be utilised for more than business storage. Containers make good spaces for expansions and startup businesses. Their adaptability means they are suitable for a wide range of ventures. 


  • Office expansions

You can renovate containers to become office spaces. And doing this is rather simple. Add insulation, connect to electricity, and install plumbing for extra facilities. Your office is ready to go.


  • Unique coffee shops or restaurants

Storage containers are ideal for creating the small indie cafe of your dreams. Connecting your container to electrical and plumbing lines can create a kitchen area. This allows you to offer a truly unique dining experience.



Storage containers are also useful as external areas. They can store extra stock. Or act as quirky pop-up stores that can sell small amounts of items and move around the city or country.




Shipping Container stores are becoming a huge rising trend. So much that entire container ‘shopping villages’ are starting to appear. These self-made retail districts attract swathes of tourists. And offer an array of unique businesses.


If you don’t run a business, you may be wondering. How can storage containers make a change to my home environment?


Well, I’ll tell you…


Home Projects

It’s not only businesses that are taking advantage of storage containers. They are also used as part of home projects, or even as homes themselves.


  • Indulge with a home sauna or pool 

Storage containers are high-quality yet lower cost ways to install a DIY pool. This is because they are already fully water-tight. 

This also means they are suitable for other water-based projects. This includes transforming them into home saunas and steam-rooms.


  • Have them as a more secure garden shed

It’s no surprise that storage containers would last a lot longer than your garden shed. This would be due to the nature of their design. And with a little bit of decorating, they can still provide that rustic homely feel.

  • Bespoke, modern homes become an easy luxury

More people are starting to use storage containers as alternatives to traditional housing. These houses are moveable, as well as being more eco-friendly and space-conserving. This makes them perfect as holiday cabins or permanent homes!


Why use Containers instead of Traditional Brick?

Container businesses offer a fresh approach to the market. And give a new look to both businesses and homes. Of course, there are many other advantages to using containers.


  • Cheaper than brick buildings

Standard sized shipping containers bought from container companies usually cost at least £1500-£2000. But this gives you permanent ownership of the space- you don’t need to keep paying for it. An actual building can cost as much, if not more, in monthly rent. This makes for a significant difference in prices.


  • As secure as regular buildings

Shipping containers need to weather the toughest ocean storms, sometimes carrying valuable goods. This means they are able to withstand most assaults, from both the elements and other people.


  • Moveable

Many businesses can find benefits in being able to move from city to city. Portability is key design of shipping containers, so they are easy to transport. This means your business can move around the country. Letting it follow tourist attractions such as festivals and earn more of a profit.


  • Eco friendly and cheap to maintain

Choosing to use shipping containers helps to reduce financial and ecological costs. This is because containers cost less to buy and maintain than brick buildings. As well as this it means that less materials are being used for brick-and-mortar buildings.


As well as this, repurposing shipping containers also counts as upcycling. This is because there are more unused containers in the world than used ones. So you will be reducing wasted material.

  • Customisation and expansion is easy.

Shipping containers are easy to customise. You can add attractive designs or branding to the outside through painting. And the interior can be any style you want, from rustic and indie to simple and minimalist


  • Easy to expand and redistribute space.

Using containers means that when you are ready to expand, you can add another one onto what you already have. This makes expanding much easier than brick and mortar buildings. Which would need either a complicated move or lengthy building process. 

So, What does the Future Hold for Storage Containers?


How storage containers are helping make a positive impact to communities.

Storage containers are now utilised as portable farms. These help to create sustainable ways for food to grow.

Using hydroponics, food is grown in the most efficient way. A solution provides plants with everything they need to grow. 

Some organisations are using shipping containers to house these farms. Their portability means the farms can move to areas experiencing food droughts. This then helps to provide food to the community as well as jobs for maintaining the farm.


There are, of course, some cons. But when you weigh it all up, using a shipping container is more than worthwhile. They are, in essence, already built rooms, you only need to change the interior and add insulation.


And they’re not only for startup companies. In 2017, Holiday Inn built its first ever hotel made entirely of storage containers. The hotel is in Trafford City, Manchester.


So, there you have it. Storage containers have a range of uses: business, home projects and sustainable development. It’s more than likely that their uses will only continue to grow.