Leeds Storage Containers – The Evolution of the Shipping Container

Beth Riley, 08/05/2019

What is a Shipping Container?

The name says it all – shipping containers are used to contain precious cargo goods for shipping. This is regularly done via air, sea or road. However, that’s not their sole purpose. Yes, shipping containers are used to transport goods, but sometimes they are used for a different purpose.

Think of it as cosmetic surgery but for shipping containers: they are sometimes given a makeover to create a new image. With that, upcycling takes place to create a completely new purpose for shipping containers. Some examples are; storage units, site offices, homes, catering, events space and more.


Where it All Began

Let’s go back to the start. Shipping containers were originally designed over 50 years ago by Malcom P.McLean. He did this to improve the transportation of large heavy goods across the globe.

As they began their journey across railways and oceans, the demand for more shipping containers increased as they became the most efficient way to transport goods. This revolutionised the economy and has been helping it grow ever since.

Now, not only are shipping containers used to transport goods for business but they are also used by businesses and individuals all over the world in a variety of unique ways. Continue reading to find out how they are used – maybe you’ll feel inspired!

Why Are They Used As Storage Units?

Shipping containers are designed to take on intense turbulence, strong tides and bumpy roads. So, it is no wonder they are secure enough for the storage of valuable personal or business item – a perfect storage solution.

This may seem like a minor makeover as they are still being used to contain goods, but it is a way of revitalisation by bringing life back into a container.

This method of container is a growing trend and there are plenty of storage unit companies in and around Leeds city centre including; Twenty4 Secure Storage, Big Yellow, Store First and Safe Store. Some of these, like Twenty4 Secure Storage, keep the shipping containers in their natural form, whereas other companies convert the shipping containers into warehouse rooms.

Either way, it means that you have plenty of choice to store your belongings in a shipping container. It’s personal storage but with a twist!


Benefits of a Storage Unit

Not only are storage units secure from the outside, but your belongings will also be in a secure internal environment as proper ventilation is fitted by most companies to stop condensation. This ensures that the goods being stored are kept in prime condition and not affected by bad weather conditions.

With that, you can walk away from your unit knowing that your items are safely locked inside with no one or thing getting to them. Plus, there are a lot of storage unit companies that provide 24 hour CCTV and allow access 24 hours a day so you can access your belongings when you need.

Not only are storage units secure, but they also come in a range of sizes. That means that if you are thinking about storing items in a storage unit, whether it is for personal storage, student storage or business storage, then it is always helpful to think about what size you might want. To understand what size you might need, take a look here.

To get help on choosing a storage unit company, read our blog here which gives you a breakdown of Leeds container storage solutions.


Transforming shipping containers into Site Offices

Whilst you’re piling your goods into a shipping container or storage unit, take a moment to have a look inside and envisage how you might fit a few desks in there for a workspace. It’s hard to see, isn’t it?

We’re here to tell you it is possible, as at Twenty4 Secure Storage, the offices that staff work from are in an old shipping container. For this to be possible, the internal space is kitted out with flooring, walls, windows, lighting and electricity.

This then provides a secure, modern and quirky workspace for businesses, and is cheaper than other methods of site office development.

Shipping Container Office


Homes built from shipping containers

If you’ve watched grand designs then you’ll be no stranger to some of the world’s most interesting and innovative homes. I think you know where this is going and yes, you’re right, there are homes in the world that have been made out of shipping containers.

This is quite an adventurous move and is definitely one made by those with a creative imagination.

At first, you might look at a shipping container and think “There is no way this could provide a ‘forever’ home” but once you take a look at some of the transformations you’ll be tempted into buying a plot of land, investing in multiple storage units and hiring the right people to do the job. If you’re thinking about moving house, then maybe this could be a consideration.


Shipping Container Home


Turning a Shipping Container into Your Very Own Studio or Workshop

Whether you’re self employed or are invested in your very own hobby, there’s no doubt you’ll probably need your very own workspace or studio to pursue and showcase your talents.

A shipping container has proven to be a reliable resource for this as it provides you with a secure space that doesn’t clutter up your home. That means you’re free to create your very own pieces of art and show them to the world from one contained, yet spacious room.

Use a Shipping Container for your Catering Space

In today’s modern society the customer doesn’t just expect good quality food and drinks, but they also want an environment that provides a great quality experience.

Take speakeasies as an example. They provide a thrilling, inclusive and one of a kind experience that allows the consumer to embark on an exciting journey.

If you don’t know what a speakeasy is then here goes. Usually, they take the form of a bar that is hidden in secret behind a standard every day shop like a hairdressers or a hardware store. This means that finding such a place is an adventure for the customer and once they’re in, makes them feel like they are part of the brand. This is what creates customer loyalty and success for businesses.

Though it might be possible to create a speakeasy shipping container, renovating the container to take the form of a bar, cafe or restaurant is unique enough.


Think about it, are you more likely to share your experience with others about a cafe in a shopping mall or a cafe in a shipping container? These are the businesses that grab attention and get people talking which is vital for success.


Make Your Event unique

Events are everywhere – they come in the form of festivals, fairs, council events, local events and more. To keep them going, innovation is important so that visitors don’t get bored and return again.

Shipping containers can be used in several ways for events, including; reception areas, stalls, entertainment, toilets and more. By using shipping containers for your event you will be creating something unique and interesting to look at.


Make Leisure Out Of a Shipping Container  

If you enjoy playing a sport or spending your time relaxing then there is also a shipping container for that. They have been used to build indoor sports halls as well as swimming pools and saunas. That way, you can create a little bit of luxury for yourself – it could even fit in your back garden for the days you want to unwind after work.


What To Do Now

By now you’re probably feeling a mixture of emotions, from overwhelmed to amazed to eager to creative.


You might not quite know what you want to do with all of the information you have received, but if you want to start with the basics and have the items you think would be worth storing, then take a look at container storage in Leeds for short term or long term storage solutions. That way, you can create more space at home and you might even get a little inspired after visiting your very own personal storage unit. So that’s that, who would have thought a shipping container could be a home?


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