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How Much Does Self Storage Cost And What Do You Get For Your Money?

Beth Riley

Twenty4 Content Writer

Beth Riley, 04/03/2019.

Choosing where to store your belongings can be a challenging decision - so challenging that we have decided to make the process easier by providing you with the ins and outs of storage unit facilities. Whether you are moving home and have realised you need a place for all of your household items, are moving accommodation at university and need student storage, or own a company and need a place for business storage, then you have come to the right place.

Personal items have a lot of value so it is important that they are securely stored for your own peace of mind. However, that’s not the only thing you have to consider. Other factors such as; location, convenience, size, and most importantly, cost, should be thoroughly looked into before you invest in a storage unit. That’s why we are going to look into each of these factors to provide you with a breakdown to help you choose a personal storage room that is right for you and cost effective.

You might be thinking “Well what exactly do I get with a storage unit?”, and that differs between companies. However, each company will typically provide easy access to your storage unit, with some providing free 24 hour access, a secure locking system, 24 hour CCTV and security, and a range of storage unit sizes and prices.

If you’re keen to make the right decision instead of jumping into the deep end, then read on to decide where you should store your belongings.


Where Can You Find A Storage Unit?


Whether you’re travelling with few or a lot of belongings, there’s no doubt you want a unit that’s nearby and easily accessible for you. There are four major storage companies around Leeds including; Twenty4 Secure Storage, Big Yellow, Store First and Safe Store, all of which are in different locations. Take a look at the list below to find out how long it would take to drive to these units from the city centre.


  • Twenty4 is in the South West of Leeds - under 10 min drive
  • Big Yellow is in the South of Leeds - under 10 min drive
  • Store First is in the South East of Leeds - under 15 min drive
  • Safe Store has multiple locations in the North of Leeds - all under a 10 min drive


With those in mind, you can identify where would be the easiest for you to get to based on where you will be travelling from. However, don’t forget that all areas of Leeds can be easily accessed and that other factors should be considered alongside location.


Will a Storage Unit Be Convenient For You

Unloading your vehicle is no easy job but there are some storage units that make it easier for you. For example, some storage units have more than one floor which might make it difficult for you to get to. Though lifts make this easier, choosing a storage unit where you’re guaranteed a ground floor unit that is near the entrance might benefit you if you’re wanting to make your trip as quick and easy as possible.

If you’re put off by the journey completely, some storage unit companies even offer a collection service. However, there is often a cost behind this and it is not guaranteed that your belongings will be stored in a unit that is easily accessible for you.


How Secure Are Personal Storage Units

By this point, you might be thinking ‘Ok, I can get there, but how do I know how safe my belongings will be in my chosen personal storage unit’. Most storage units have 24 hour CCTV and surveillance which means your belongings are under constant protection. Plus, storage units are sturdy and will be locked away. A lot of people don’t realise that you are the only person that will be able to access your storage unit. No member of staff will have access so you can walk away with peace of mind knowing that your items are going to stay as they are.


What Size Do You Need

What and how much you are wanting to store is a vital factor when considering the size of a storage unit. It’s pointless spending more money for something when you aren’t going to utilise the whole space. Typically you will find the following sizes; 10 sq ft, 35 sq ft, 75 sq ft, 150 sq ft and 300 sq ft. You might not have a clue what each of these sizes actually mean or what you can fit in there, so we have provided a list below of what you could expect to fit in each of these storage units:

  1. 10 sq ft - small personal belongings
  2. 35 sq ft - the contents of a desk
  3. 75 sq ft - the contents of a studio flat
  4. 150 sq ft - the contents of a 2 bed semi detached house
  5. 300 sq ft - the contents of a 2 bed semi detached house plus a car


Hopefully that breakdown will help you to understand what size you should be needing but remember that not all storage unit companies provide all of the above sizes.

What is the Average Self Storage Price?

Weekly self storage cost in Leeds as of January 2019



10 sq ft

35 sq ft

75 sq ft

150 sq ft

300 sq ft







Big Yellow






Store First






Safe Store






Prices displayed are correct as of Mar 2019 and are from an independent survey  

It’s always worth checking what you’re actually paying for when it comes to investing in a storage unit. Although you might think you’ll get more by paying more, that isn’t always the case. Make sure to take a look at each individual company website to truly grasp what you are getting for your money.


Can You Secure a Good Deal?

Some storage units may be able to offer you a good deal, particularly if you are wanting to store items in a larger unit or on a long term basis. However, what may seem like a good deal might not actually be one. It’s always worth seeing what deals can be provided for you from each of the storage unit companies you are looking at, then you really know you are getting more for your money. It’s always good practice to be careful with deals too. Whereas one company may offer you a weekly deal, another might offer a monthly deal, so it’s worth seeing which actually saves you more money - every penny counts!


Below is a list of the deals at Twenty4 Secure Storage:

  • Get 6 weeks rent free on a "Medium" storage unit (150 sq ft) when booking for 24 weeks or more.
  • Get 12 weeks rent half price on a “Medium” storage unit (150 sq ft) when booking for 24 weeks or more.
  • Get 6 weeks rent half price on a “Medium” storage unit (150 sq ft) when booking for 12 weeks or more.
  • Get up to £50 off your rental if a friend joins us based on your recommendation


Do You Have to Pay a Deposit?

This may be a big question you’ll ask yourself before investing in a storage unit, and a lot of the time, the amount of the deposit can influence the decision making process. For most storage units, a security deposit is usually required and the amount varies from store to store and the size of the unit you are taking. To give an example, at Twenty4 Secure Storage, a refundable advance rent payment is taken and is 4x the weekly cost of the unit you choose to rent. To find out other deposit amounts, make sure to visit other local storage unit websites.


Do your belongings have to be insured?

Is it compulsory to take out insurance? Most storage units require or recommend you to use their insurance whereas some will let you store without, providing you have it insured elsewhere. In some cases, like at Twenty4 Secure Storage, they ask you to sign a document that states you have your own cover. If you’re wondering how much insurance costs then rest assured, at places like Twenty4 Secure Storage, insurance starts at around 50p per £1000 per week. Using your storage units own insurance therefore saves you shopping around and won't break the bank either.


Are there any additional costs?

It is important to also consider any ‘extras’ on top of the standard weekly price such as whether you will need a padlock for your unit.  Most self storage companies will allow you to bring along your own padlock. Most companies sell them in store, to make sure it is of suitable durability and the correct size for your unit. Twenty4 Secure Storage are happy for you to bring a padlock along. Although we always have heavy duty padlocks available on site for you to buy.


Twenty4 Secure Storage

If you’re wondering what there is to offer at Twenty4 Secure Storage, take a look at the vital features below:

    • Located 8 minutes or 2 miles away from Leeds City Centre
    • Monitored CCTV & manned security on site at all times
    • Fenced perimeter, high gates & barrier entry system
    • Wide roads & boot to unit offloading
    • One floor for ease of access
    • On site cafeteria
    • Competitive prices with regular discount schemes

We hope you have found this information useful and that it has provided insight into what you’re paying for when you come to invest in a storage unit. If you do have any more questions please feel free to contact us.