7 Innovative Ideas for Kitchen Storage

Kitchens can be catalysts of chaos in many homes, often the heart of the house where families, friends or the delicious midnight snack come together. As lovely as this can be, bringing a little bit of order to things can really help keep everything (and everyone) in one piece! 


We’ve put together seven innovative ideas for kitchen storage, small changes to make your use of space, time and style more efficient and easy on the eye. 


From minor alterations to existing fittings, to whole new pieces of furniture in the kitchen, we hope that there’s something for everyone listed below: 


1. Pull-Out Pantry

pull out pantry

A pull-out pantry, is a simple thing that can really take kitchen storage to the next level. An easy addition to most kitchens a pull-out pantry can be made to fit in with existing kitchen designs or a great excuse to try out a new style!


Pictured below you can see that this small pull-out unit, available from ScrewFix, showing the great ease of access to those kitchen essentials. 




2. Window Storage

window storage

If your kitchen has a window, why not make the most of it by using it for storage. Open shelving combined with a window space can really help give a stylised look to any kitchen while also giving great function! 

Window shelves are great for small plants, like those pictured below, or a wonderful place to have a spice rack. If you’re feeling crafty why not use helpful guides like the one we found on familyhandyman.com for making an above window shelving space. 


3. Island Drawers

island drawers

If you’re lucky enough to have a lovely island in your kitchen, this could be a great possibility for a wonderful storage solution. By constructing drawers recessed into your kitchen island you can hugely increase the storage space of your kitchen. 


Some islands can be great places to work in appliances for your kitchen, such as in the image below showing a great way to display a kitchen sink and really explore the kitchen space.

4. Take Advantage of Space

Similar to how you can use your island to make space, think about the unused spaces in you kitchen, they can be unsuspecting havens for storage. Do you have a forgotten alcove? A space behind the door? Or just a big blank wall just begging for a purpose! 


Pegboards. Simple, straight forward and super customisable. There is a 600mm x 300mm pegboard available on Amazon, combine this with the assortment of pegboard hooks, locks, and bins also available on Amazon. We also advise to shop around as they may not be best for your kitchen, use this helpful guide on how to build one thanks to thekitchn.com



5. Curtains


If you have a lot of open shelving and it’s beginning to look like your pots and pans are taking over the kitchen, why not try setting up mini-curtains for your shelves? There are many simple guides on the internet, by following these and taking the time to make some curtains you can really brighten up your kitchen. Fun patterned materials can help you keep the clutter covered and bring a more relaxed and welcoming appearance to your kitchen. 




6. Organise Drawers

Time for a little bit of honesty, we’re all guilty of it, we all get frustrated when others do it. Throwing miscellaneous untentials into the nearest drawer. It’s easier and we don’t even know we’ve done it! 

Keeping an organised drawer can really help stop this, by making it easy to use, easy to learn and lovely to look at. Begin with something smaller like your cutlery drawer, try painted mini-boxes and using a different colour for forks, knives, spoons and so on.  Once you’ve tackled the basics move on to larger drawers and items until you’ve fully streamlined your kitchen storage!


7. Keep it Up

keep it up

Optimise your use of vertical space by adding in new shelves, or if you have tall cupboards or storage units in your kitchen use the space above them to put utensils or appliances you don’t use often! 

This can also be a great way to display items or plants for all to see. By using more vertical space you can avoid items being lost since you can easily organise and find items by looking at everything displayed at once. This storage solution can really help with perking up a boring empty wall or create depth to a flat or plain ceiling.


If even after trying out the different suggestions provided here you’re still struggling to make space or to utilise the space you have, why not try one of our smaller 35sqft or 75sqft storage containers? One of the major uses for our facility and services is for personal storage or household items such as this. So, if you feel a storage unit may be better for you to have a look at some more of our useful blog posts such as our helpful guide of how to know which storage unit is best for you!


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