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Personal Storage in Leeds
Safe, Clean and Secure

Looking for self storage in Leeds?

Sometimes you need a little bit of extra room, a space to manage and keep track of your belongings. Self storage can be the answer to many everyday needs. Short term or long term, a change in houses or a change in decoration, storage can be an option to consider.

Looking to store office furniture and other business items rather than for yourself? See our information on business storage.

Personal Storage for You

Renovating and Redecorating

There’s never a perfect time to renovate, but there are definitely ways to make it as close to perfect as possible. Self storage eliminates the potential for damage to belongings as you refurbish.


Moving house can be stressful. Our homes and possessions are a reflection of ourselves. Storage allows you to keep your belongings out of the way and maintain your privacy.

A house with minimal furnishing makes it easier for others to imagine living there. So storing your items helps buyers, too.

You’ve finally found your perfect new home, and now you have to move all your belongings to it. Doing this all at once can be more than a little overwhelming. Personal storage allows you to move your possessions at a pace that suits you- no rush, no stress.

General decluttering

It can happen to the best of us, sometimes we have more belongings than we know what to do with. Sure, we’re proud of them for outlasting the test of time (and definitely that 10 year guarantee). But… what did we buy this for again?

If you want to sell your extra belongings, or want them somewhere other than your home. Personal storage can be a simple solution to keeping your extra belongings out of the way.

Student Storage

Personal storage also caters to students. Moving your things between cities can be hard to work around and take up time. Self storage units in Leeds can be a convenient option to store your items until you come back to uni.

Self Storage - Leeds

What we offer you


Convenient Location

Our Leeds storage units are a short distance from Leeds city centre. We're connected to most routes in and out of the city, making us easy to get to via car, train or by walking.


A professional and convenient storage experience

We prioritise your ease of access. Our outdoor storage facilities allow you to drive right up to your personal storage unit. Awkward corridor manoeuvres are gone from the equation.

Fully Secured

Access whenever you need & 24 hour security

Our 24 hour storage units allow you to access your unit at your convenience. With 24/7 manned security and CCTV, your belongings are never alone onsite, and neither are you.

Lifting Equipment

Help with moving belongings

With a fork truck onsite and 24/7 staffing, we’re always happy to lend a hand, no need to worry about the heavy stuff! We also offer van hire to help with transport.

A range of storage sizes

Our storage facility has range of storage units available to fit anything you need to store. So whether you’re storing a few pieces of furniture or an entire house-load, we’ve got something to suit your needs.

Unit sizes:

  • 10 sq ft - Roughly the size of a standing locker or wardrobe.
  • 35 sq ft - Equal to a small garden shed.
  • 75 sq ft - Big enough to hold the contents of a studio flat.
  • 150 sq ft - Enough to fit the contents of a 3-bedroom house.
  • 300 sq ft - Can fit the contents of a large house.
  • 450 sq ft - Three 150 sq ft units.

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A bit extra...

Need some light?
We can fit lighting and plug sockets into your unit at little extra cost

Forgotten packing materials? No padlock? Don’t panic!
We have a variety of packing materials available to buy on site. These include tape measures, boxes and padlocks.

Organisation Tip
You can’t drill into the units, but free-standing shelves will help organise the space as you need.

Storage designed for you

If you are currently using your garage as storage and keeping your car parked on the road… Think again! We offer self storage units in a variety of sizes for you to put away as many things as you need: bikes, extra beds, toys, sofas, garden furniture… You decide. Just use us as an additional spare room and come and get what you need when you need it. We are open 24/7, all year round.

A variety of sizes available

The storage units at Twenty4 Secure Storage are large, clean and dry. They have traditionally been used to protect valuable commercial goods such as cars and iPhones in transit through harsh sea conditions as part of international trade. You can pick from several sizes available depending on what you are looking to store: the smallest 35 sqft units can hold the contents of a one bedroom flat, the 75 sqft unit will allow you to store the contents of a small house, choose the 150 sqft unit to store the contents of a three bedroom house and go for the 300 sqft unit to also add a car.

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