How To Sell Your Home in 2020

In recent years the housing market has changed dramatically, with the introductions of new technologies and the change in the climate it can be both a blessing and a curse. We know selling your house can be a daunting prospect but with these tips hopefully you can find more comfort and be more informed about how to go about selling your home. 



1. Find the Right Estate Agent

Find a suitable estate agent who sells housing in a similar style and neighborhood to your home. Take a look at sites such as Zoopla and Rightmove at properties in your area and see what estate agents they are listed with and once you have narrowed down what estate agent you wish to list your home with contact them and ask lots of questions before finalising.


2. Get a Valuation

Speak with your estate agent and research your neighbours house prices. Sites such as Zoopla offer tools to show your statistics about house prices in your area and can help you get a rough idea of what your listing price should be. 


However it is important to consider that house prices can change drastically depending on the current financial market and you will need to consider this when looking at older property sale prices.

3. Get it picture perfect 

A potential buyers first impression of your property will be through photographs, these will be taken by your estate agents and will showcase your home in the best way possible but the photographer will have to work around what you have. 


 By cleaning up and spacing out your room the room will be ready to be photographed. Realise that a buyer will want to visualise themselves living in that space so the better you can present the property the more likely they are to consider arranging a viewing.



4. Declutter

Consider decluttering your home, if you have storage such as a garage then you may want to consider moving things into the garage before you list your house online. If you don’t have a garage or shed that is secure to store your belongings consider using a storage facility. 


Consider using a storage facility to store your belongings while selling your home and moving into your new home. You will find that it is a convenient way of storing your belongings when moving house and will keep your belongings safe as secure.

5. Find your Homes Key Features

Find the features of your home that are valuable to a potential buyer, that might be the location or it might be the style of the home. Is your house located close to a city centre, that is a huge benefit that will attract potential buyers. If your house is large, it is spacious and if your house is small, it’s quaint and homely. 


There are attractive features to every home and if you are looking to attract attention, finding the right descriptions and qualities of your house will go a long way to justifying your valuation.


6. List it Online

Ask your estate agent to list the property online and talk with them about whether the property is worth the premium listing. Once this has been discussed look at the property listing. Consider that this will be the first thing a potential buyer will see so try to make sure all the important information is in the description. 


Read the description thoroughly and make sure you are happy with how your home has been listed, if there are any questions or amendments you think should be made, discuss them with your estate agents, remember they won’t know the property as well as you but they are also professionals and know what information to provide.


7. Get it Viewing Ready

Now your property is listed, sit back and wait to hear about viewings, try to make yourself as available as possible. Remember people who are viewing properties will have different availability and you don’t want to turn many viewings down as every viewing is a potential buyer. 

Prepare your home for visitors, picture a buyer as royalty, tidy your home and remove bad odors. This will set a nice mood and help the buyer see the home in a better experience. An important thing to remember is removing or restricting your pets, if you have a hamster cage for example, try moving it to a relatives house for the day or put it in a more restrictive environment, you never know what could put a buyer off.


8. Respond To Offers Fast and Reasonably

You will now be expecting offers on your house, based on your valuation you can expect offers to be slightly lower, it isn’t often that a buyer will offer the full price straight away. This is when you negotiate, make sure not to sell yourself short but also be reasonable. 


Although your valuation may be based on informed choices, if you are looking to move fast you might want to consider selling at a slightly reduced price, but again do not sell yourself short. The pressure of selling and the excitement of getting an offer on the table can urge you to sell quickly but you don’t want to be losing out on those extra thousands.


There are many ways of going about selling your home but with the introduction of online listings and the changes to the housing market we feel these tips will go a long way to helping you get on the right track to selling your house the right way. If there are any questions you find along the way it is always worth speaking with your estate agents and getting their opinion as they are professional and should be able to guide you through this journey.