How Millennials Can Benefit From Using Self Storage

Millenials are known for living their lives in a very new and unique way, care free. Although it seems like this from the outside they are also known for their very pragmatic and smart ways of living. Some millennials however are living too carefree and it is costing them a lot of money and making it very difficult for them to have any stability with money, living and belongings. 


We think Millennials should be using self storage to give them that parachute of stability keeping all of their important belongings safe and secure no matter what the next step is. Here are some of the reasons we think Millennials should be considering using self storage.



Love of Traveling

We know millenials love to travel, which is one of the reasons they should look into getting into self storage. If they were able to drop their belongings off into a self storage site and take some time to visit another country then their items will be safe and secure during that time. 


This would relieve a lot of stress as they would be able to pay for the period they will be away for and won’t have to continually pay rent on a flat for their belongings. 


Also if you are wondering why you should consider self storage over using a parent or family members garage, the security will keep your belongings much safer with some sites offering 24 hour surveillance and manned security.

Keeping Technology Safe

If you are working in a creative field you may have several hard drives and large pieces of equipment that are currently out of use. However you aren’t able to throw these items away as they may become useful at a later date.


Things such as hard drives can take up lots of space but may not be used for months at a time, once they are full. By using self storage you are able to relieve yourself of that space and keep your belongings safe.  


With the safety of self storage you will be much better off using a small unit to store technology then leaving it in your house or a garage. As well as being able to insure your items in self storage. If you are currently using a shed or other means of storage for technology you need to consider the risks that the weather can cause to your items.


Running a Business

Lots of millenials are looking at starting their own businesses. This can range from selling things online on sites such as etsy or ebay to selling car parts locally. Using self storage it gives you a place to store your inventory and sell your items from without giving out your personal information. 


This is much safer for the individual as it removes the need to exchange personal information such as a home address. If you have a disgruntled customer they aren’t going to show up on your doorstep. 


It will also save a lot of room at home by allowing you to keep your inventory away from home. Some people also find it useful to have a work location even when they are self employed, it gives you a separation from home and work so you can focus on getting your work done away from the distractions of home. Some of the benefits include;


  • Having your own workspace to remove distractions.


  • Keeping items secure and insured to reduce risk of losing inventory.


  • Saving space at home by keeping them in storage.


  • Giving your company more legitimacy when dealing with customers.

Easily Accessable 


Millennials can often lead very busy and unpredictable lives, working unsociable hours and moving around quite often. Therefore sometimes they need a stable location to keep some essential non-day to day items. Paying a low monthly fee for a storage unit will allow you to live stress free knowing your items have a home but also that they are regularly accessible.


Some storage facilities will allow broad access to your belongings and can mean that no matter what hours you work or what your up to that day you will have time to access your belongings. 


Flexible Contracts

We recommend that people look for somewhere with flexible contracts, where they can cancel the contract any week. This will allow you the comfort of knowing if you had a significant life change, as will often happen with young people, whether that be moving to the city or a change of career. You will be able to cancel your self storage with no hassle for example if you;


  • Move city


  • Change career


  • Sustain an injury


  • Take an extended holiday


By paying a weekly fee with no cancellation charges you can get on with your life without having to worry about getting out of a difficult contract. So make sure to ask about and read the terms of any contract you sign with whichever self storage facility you sign up with.

Self Storage might not be necessary for all Millennials but it can certainly be a useful thing to use to avoid the risks that life can throw at you as a young adult. If you are interested in self storage then have a look at what is local to where you live and be sure to compare the benefits of each type of self storage taking into consideration price, accessibility and security.