5 Reasons Why Caravan Storage Might Be The Best Option This Winter

You would be forgiven for worrying about how your caravan or motorhome will fare this winter, with the weather getting more extreme each year and thieves being an ever present issue for caravan owners. 


Finding a place to store your vehicle this winter is a high priority for many caravan owners and you may be looking at different options and deciding what type of storage you would like to pursue. Finding a place that keep your caravan both secure and maintain its health throughout the winter may be tough but here’s why you should consider using storage containers to store your caravan or motorhome.

1. Security

1. Security

Some container unit sites offer the highest levels of security possible. This may include:

  • 24 hour CCTV
  • High perimeter fencing
  • Manned security at all times. 

This is important as it means your unit will be under surveillance 24 hour per day, making sure your vehicle and belongings will be as secure as possible. 


Thousands of caravans and motorhomes are stolen each year and break ins occur often and without the correct security facilities it is unlikely your vehicle or belongings will be recovered. According to the crime convention website it is suggested that you find a secure site to store your caravan or motorhome, to decrease the chance of your vehicle being stolen or your belongings taken.

2. weather proof containers

2. Weather Proof Containers

There are many benefits to using container storage to store your caravan. One of which is the weather proof containers they will kept in. Many of these containers are used to ship products overseas in all weather conditions and keeping them in top condition. 


So as you can imagine they are well suited to keeping your caravan and its contents dry, safe and secure throughout the winter. The importance of this, to a caravan owner, is to stop rusting, cosmetic, internal and structural damage. Be sure to find a site that can offer these weatherproof containers to store your vehicle and keep it safe.

3. Access

3. Access

A key thing to look at when finding a secure sight for your caravan is to make sure it is accessible. Although you want a place that can look after your belongings you don’t want to lose access to it. You may want to access your caravan or motorhome to maintain it, to give it a run out or for any number of reasons, it’s not anybody’s business but yours why you might want to access your vehicle and you want a sight that understands that.


 You want to look for a site that allows you to drive right up to your unit so you can access your caravan and transfer belongings or whatever you might need between the two.


4. Reduce chance of damage

4. Reduce Chance of Rust, Scratches and Damage

A major reason to look into container storage is reducing the chance of your vehicle getting damaged, whether it be rust, scratch, cosmetic or internal. If your current storage is streetside parking or driveway parking then your vehicle could be prone to damage due to wind or weather conditions and using storage will prevent the opportunity for weather or wind to damage your vehicle at all. There is no chance for your vehicle to come into contact with another vehicle, foreign items or natural damage. 


This is worth considering when looking for a site as many caravan storage sites are outdoors and surrounded by other vehicles, meaning although your caravan may be more secure it is still prone to damage. This can potentially save you from shelling out to fix minor damage or rust damage to your caravan.


5. Affordable

5. Affordable

Container storage doesn’t have to be expensive, in fact it can represent good value for money. A unit suitable for a caravan can cost somewhere between 30 and 60 pounds per week and you can find a plan that best suits you, for example if you take a 12 week contract at Twenty4 Secure Storage we offer 50% off your first six weeks on any 150sqft unit and you have the option to extend that contract if desired. 


For the security, quality and the access to your unit this is a cost effective solution and when compared with the cost of your caravan and the potential repairs it is a worthwhile option for all caravan to consider.


tips for preparing your caravan for storage

Here’s some quick tips on how to prepare your caravan for storage.

Clean the Interior

It is recommended you clean the interior of your caravan to reduce the chance of mold and other bacteria growing during the winter.


Clean the exterior

Use the appropriate products and methods to clean the exterior of your caravan to keep it in good condition throughout the winter.


Clean toilet

Make sure your toilet is clean and the tank is emptied to keep your caravan in good condition and smelling fresh.


Use damp trap

Use a damp trap or dehumidifying crystals to protect your caravan against damp during the winter, as the damp could damage your caravan.

Empty fridge

Remove all food and drink from the fridge and clean it thoroughly with bicarbonate soda and leave the door slightly ajar to help air circulate.


Water Filters

Remove the water filters and clear any water out of them to prevent them from freezing and getting damaged.


Take off cushions

Remove soft furnishings and store them in a warm dry place, or find a way to appropriately store them in your storage unit.


Drain Heating

Drain your caravan water heaters, the method for doing this depends on the model of caravan. 


Gas Canisters

Remove gas canisters and keep in a safe cool place, you could even store them with your caravan in a storage unit.

Overall using a storage unit to store your caravan has many benefits whether it be the 24 hour security or the weather proof containers to maintain the health of your caravan or motorhome. A unit is a cost effective and worthwhile solution to consider for all caravan and motorhome users when you consider the longevity it could give your vehicle.