What NOT To Store In A Storage Unit (For Your Safety)

So you’re considering renting a storage unit. You may be looking to store some valuable belongings and often storage units are a great option. However there are some belongings you should not store in a storage unit.


Explosive or Combustible Materials

This may sound obvious but sometimes you can be storing highly flammable and explosive items without realising quite how dangerous they are. Motor oil when storing a vehicle, paints, alcohol, paint thinner and propane tanks can all be highly dangerous and should not be stored in a storage unit. 


There are more obvious belongings that are usually dangerous, such as fireworks that under no circumstances should they be stored in a storage facility, even if you believe they should be unlikely to be detonated.


Illegal Weapons

Again this might sound obvious but even if you have a licence to use a weapon it should not be stored in a storage facility, it is prohibited.

This is because it was to get into the wrong hands then it could be potentially dangerous to the public and is generally hazardous to the facility.





Under no circumstances should drugs be stored in a storage unit. Just because they are outside of your home they are still your responsibility and you will still be charged by police for the possession of drugs.


A storage facility is obliged to forward information to the authorities if someone is storing drugs on site.





Storing animals and any living things in a container is considered abuse and absolutely should never be done. If you are going on a trip or an overnight job and are struggling to find a sitter, then it is still not acceptable to put an animal in a storage unit. This is animal cruelty.


If you are struggling to look after a pet there are a number of services who will take the animal and rehome them. However if you are looking for short term homing then find your local kennel or find a relative to temporarily house them.



Perishable foods should not be stored in a storage facility. Overtime they will begin to shrink, spoil, stink and mould. Pershibles include fruit, milk, bread, vegetables and more.


Garbage and toxic waste are also prohibited in storage sites. They can be very harmful to the unit and the environment as well as costing the facility a lot of money to decontaminate, which the charge will usually be forwarded to the customer.




You should never store money of any kind in a storage container. Although belongings can be insured, money cannot. If you are looking for a place to store cash then the best place would be your home. If that is not possible then put it into the bank where it will be protected by CDIC insurance. 


If you are reluctant to use the bank for money then consider a building society account. This is similar to a bank but your money will not be touched or invested in stocks and some consider it a safer alternative.