9 Incredible Toy Storage Ideas For Children

So your child is making a mess and you have toys everywhere. You tidy them up each day but they just end up in the same places everyday. Here are 9 great ideas for kids storage that parents should consider to keep their floors and their home tidy, safe and clean.


Toy Storage Tips:


1. Shelving


Be creative and keep toys off the ground, using shelving. By being smart and using some deep shelving you can store a child’s toys against the wall and save a lot of floor space. Although it can be difficult for a child to reach the higher shelves, by using a small footstool they will be able to climb up and grab their favourite toys.


 The key disadvantage of using shelving is that although your child will be able to use a footstool to bring toys down they will be required to do climb back on the footstool to put them back which is unlikely to be as easy for a child and may lead toys being left on the floor.

2. Personalized Toy Box

personalised toy box


A fun way to store kids toys is with personalised toy storage boxes. Especially if you have multiple children it is always a great idea to use personalised storage methods. This encourages the child to use the box and they will likely take more excitement in storing their toys if they have personalised storage.


Keep it in the corner of a room and demonstrate to your child that they will have to put their toys in it when they are done with them. There will be a lot of ‘if you’re finished with this put it back into the toy box’ but eventually your child should learn to do it on their own accord.


3. Ottoman Storage

An excellent way of storing children’s toys is in an ottoman. This keeps the home looking great by not compromising your decor to make space for storage. Instead using an ottoman means you have a toy box which doubles up as seating. 


By sliding the ottoman to the end of their bed or putting it by a wall visitors will be oblivious to the toys that are inside. The only downside to an ottoman is the space is fairly limited and may not store some of the bigger toys and may have to be used as a secondary storage solution.

4. Toy Hammock

toy hammock

A unique way of storing toys is using wall hammocks. These are made by crossing strings on the wall to create a criss cross hammock style of storage. A little bit like a shelf these can be used as a temporary or permanent solution for storing toys. This looks great and can be made easily and very cheap. 

The main problem with this is that anything heavier than a hardback book might be hard to store as it will pull the hammock down. Maybe best used in collaboration with another type of storage, with the hammock carrying lighter and softer toys, it is certainly a unique and fun way of storing toys.


5. Play Teepee

play teepee

If you have a little more space, a fun way to keep a child’s toys together is a play teepee. This also encourages the child to centralise their toys to the area by giving them an area to play with their toys and once they’re done they can put them back inside and close it up.


The key requirement here is space, you need space to put a teepee in your childs room and be able to play safely around it. Teepees are available for a small cost and are easy to install and store away when your child outgrows it.


6. Under Bed Storage

This is a discreet way of storing toys and hard to maintain but it certainly does a great job of keeping a child’s toys centralised and out of the way. Buying a bed with drawers underneath isn’t a new idea but often is overlooked due to difficulties cleaning under them. 


However if you are willing to go through the effort of moving the bed to clean underneath it is a great way of storing kids toys out of sight. It is also very easy for a child to access and put their toys back into when they are done playing. Also, once your child has outgrown their toys the drawer can be used for other items.

7. Toy Sacks

toy sacks

A way of storing your toys without having to centralise them to one area, using basic cotton sacks. This way you can move the sack room to room and allow your kid to play with them without running back and forth. Keeping separate sacks for different types of toys.


However this presents a couple of problems, you may need to root through the sacks to find a certain toy, which can create a bit of a mess in itself. 

8. Play Table

play table

If you have ever been to a lego store you will know their way of storing the toys is in a play table. This gives kids a place to store and play with their toys making it easy for them to return them to where they were playing. The idea is simple, a table with a few buckets integrated for toy storage. 


Just make sure you try to find the safety option possible depending on your child’s age. Finding a plastic table might be preferable or finding a table with curved edges to avoid accidents occurring.

9. Mesh Hangers

A really cool and unique way of storing a child’s toys is using mesh wall pockets. Available online at a low cost it is a space saving, cost effective solution to toy storage. These can be put anywhere, above a child’s bed, on the back of their bedroom door or even just on a wall. 


For the low price and the space saving, this is probably my favourite way of storing kids toys and should definitely be something any parent should look into a storage solution.