Top 10 Products to Sell on eBay

In a previous blog post we gave some helpful tips for improving your eBay selling, so we thought to follow that up with the top items and products to sell on eBay! Through our own research and gathered data from eBay and other independent sites we’ve got it down to the top 10. 


From accessories to beautify your home and garden to rare collectables thought to be lost to time, eBay has an almost endless possibility for eCommerce. So, without hesitation please feel free to read through our top 10 list and plan your digital trading today. 



We all have accessories to liven up our homes to prevent it feeling bare or boring. So it makes sense that it’s the top selling product type on eBay, we simply love to decorate. Many items of decor can be homemade from raw materials, second hand or bought from trusted brand names in bulk for discounted prices.

This makes home decor a great selling product for eBay success as it keeps costs of building stock low and can help boost profits when trading online. Bathroom furniture, mantlepiece oddities, trendy storage items or fantastic photo frames can all be great items to sell. Since they often take up minimal space with maximum impact making them desirable products to own.




Although sales for garden accessories tend to boom during late spring or early summer, a lot of wise eBay shoppers will still buy late into fall or winter when demand is low for bargain deals. This year-round demand for garden accessories makes it a great product to have listed along your eBay profile.


With a trend of garden accessories being wood-based designs it means that unique, handmade wooden garden furniture is a great choice for a product. If you have the skills or know where to buy independently made furniture, it really can make your eBay market stand out and attract a lot of customers.


The term ‘home tech’ refers to technology within your home, simple! It focuses on products like television televisions, radios, lighting and any electronic device that can help improve the quality of a home. 


Technology can be a great product to sell since as long as its well cared for it can last with minimal depreciation on its price. A unique or unusually designed device or technology can be a top seller as it helps customers bring their home into a more modern feeling while adding a personal touch to their space. 



An unsurprising fact may be that the most demand for fitness equipment, both new and second hand, is during the mid-winter season mainly early January. As everyone takes up the same old new years resolution to get fit! This can be a great time to sell any unused fitness equipment and take advantage of a somewhat seasonal product.


Keeping an eye out for sales, discounts or deals all year round and picking up a good stock of fitness gear can help enlarge your profits when next January comes around!





We all love to be able to brag a little, to show off our fancy technology or just feel that little bit more professional. So, branded technology such as Samsung, Apple or Alienware for the gamers can be a great product to have listed for sale. 

The issue with these big brands is often their heavy price tag. A great tip for making the most of this type of eBay product is to buy damaged or broken technology and repairing it yourself. Learning to repair a laptop or phone or finding who can do it for cheap then reselling the product as a fully functioning device can multiply your investment! 


Selling clothing through eBay can help keep your own wardrobe fresh and prevent yourself from falling into repetitive outfits or styles. For this same reason people shop online for clothing all year round looking to find the right thing for them at the best price. 

Best advice is to check your closet and if you can’t remember the last time you wore something, it is usually a sign you never will again. So don’t let it take up space! Flog it! 




With eBay stating that on average there is one pair of shoes sold every 12 seconds, it stands to be a fantastic product to sell on eBay. If you’re savvy and up to date with the latest fashions, brands or styles of shoes why not put your skills to work? Sell those shoes! 


People often buy and sell their shoes to fit the season, as shoe storage can be overwhelming when it comes to taking up space. Especially for those who like to have a pair for every occasion. Take advantage of this by buying shoes in their off-season, restore or clean them, then when the right time comes around, resell! 




Perhaps one of the most varied products you can sell on eBay is jewellery. Since jewellery is something that can be easily crafted by those with the skills or the eagle eyed bargain buyers can sell their stock for great profits. Casio, SEIKO and Swatch are standouts when it comes to watch brands, so keep an eye out or dig through your closet you might have cash waiting to be made! 


From football cards, classic game cartridges, action figures or commemorative plates collectables can be a wonderful well of wealth for the right seller. If you’re a fan of a particular subculture, such as a sport, film, game or artist and believe you can spot the special uncommon items from the everyday start collecting and start selling. 


Building a stock of rare, vintage and high quality collectables or memorabilia is a perfect way to start. Next, find your market be it in forums, facebook groups or events link your eBay page to those ultra-fans and sit back while they battle over bids for your items.





Perhaps one of the most surprising products that are most popular on eBay is books. Surprising not because books aren’t great, but because on a very modern platform a traditional classic still runs strong. 


Charity shops, independent bookstores or other eBay sellers can be great places to pluck diamonds from the rough. If a book stands out because of its unusual name, author or topic do a little research and you may find it to be worth much more than you bought it for! 

So hopefully the research we’ve done has paid off and helped direct you in all your eBay adventures and success! Always looking for ways to improve yourself, how to be innovative and keeping the competition on their toes is crucial for any business. If you are already a successful eBay seller or are thinking of stepping into the career why not have a look at Twenty4 Secure for storing your stock or as an office space?