How to Find the Storage Unit Size That Fits Your Needs



Which Unit is right for you?

Listed below are the unit sizes provided by us here at Twenty4 Secure, however, we understand that knowing the size sometimes simply isn’t enough. So, how do you choose? 


Well when settling on a unit you need to think of these 3 things: 


1 – Function

What are you using the unit for, is it simply for item storage? do you need it as a workshop/studio? or are you leaving a vehicle on site? The function of your unit can hugely affect the size you need. This is why we always encourage our customers to view the units in person and always pre-measure your items that will be stored. That way we can all be confident that your items can be fully secured and safely moved in and out without hassle. 


2 – Free Space

Free space inside your unit is important. This is because although fitting your items inside the unit may be your first concern, organising and moving around within the unit is also important. For example, your vehicle may fit inside a unit, but do you have enough room to open it up? Or if you’re using it as a workshop, how big are your tools and can you move them around safely? Upgrading to a larger space may increase the price but will greatly improve your quality of life within the unit.  


3 – Financial Impact


Hopefully with these helpful tips in mind you can have a look at the size range of our fantastic units and know which one is for you! Don’t forget we can also reserve a unit for you so you can view it in person with a member of our fantastic team to help you really be sure of your decision! 


Extra Small [35sqft] – Like a garden shed, just much better

35 sqft unit

The 35sqft units on site may be our smallest ones but they are our cheapest! With their size on par with a typical garden shed they’re great spots to store work tools or supplies that just take up space in the van. For gardening enthusiasts they’re great places to store your lesser used equipment to help organise at home! 




Small [75sqft] – Think of a transit van, without the wheels

75 sqft unit

Similar in size to your average Ford transit van, just without the wheels. Fortunately, thanks to the easy access, you can pull up right to your container anyway! Our 75sqft units are often used by professionals as small workshops or storage for larger power tools, as where for more personal use we often see large singular furniture items stored or students storing for over the holidays. 




Medium [150sqft] – A simple small office

150 sqft unit

Our 150 sqft units are perfect small office spaces, or perhaps average workshop size. We here at Twenty4 secure actually use the 150 sqft units as our own office buildings! So you can be assured in their quality. These units are also brilliant for when you’re moving house or redecorating as they can store lots of furniture with space to walk around and get it organised. 






Large [300sqft] £60pw – About the size of your average semi-trailer, this is the big one

300 sqft

Being our largest singular unit the 300sqft container can be used for combining a businesses workshop or studio with the storage and supplies needed for any professional need. This unit is also a great way of storing the contents of a house if you’re moving, remodelling or in the unfortunate case of a loss in the family you can have somewhere you know your beloved items are safe and secure. 



Extra Large [450sqft] £83pw – Triple the units, triple the satisfaction. 

450 sqft unit

Our 450sqft units are not singular units but instead 3 of our brilliant 150sqft units together! The benefit of this is having the greater space with greater ability to organise. For work purposes keeping your supplies in one unit, your workshop in the next and your business vehicle or even more supplies in the third can really boost your productivity and quality of worklife. For more personal usage, cases where you have lots of large furniture or furniture from multiple properties. Being able to store it all together but separate for the purpose of coordination can help prevent things getting confusing. 


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