How Far Should You Live From Your Self Storage Unit?

Find out the different things to consider when you think about how far away you should be from your cheap self storage unit.


Self storage units are ultimately available for convenience. Do they stop being convenient when they are a certain distance from your home? Would you need to be 10 minutes from your cheap self storage unit or would you be happy to travel half an hour? Do you mind being further away from your unit for items you won’t need access to regularly? These are all valid points to consider when you think about how far you should be from your self storage unit. If you’re still unsure, these points should help you come to a more informed decision:


What Is The Purpose Of The Unit?

How far the unit needs to be depends a lot on what you use it for. If it stores seasonal items, and you only visit it for a seasonal changeover, it could be further away because you don’t need to make the trip very often. If you use the unit for business, or you are using it for a home renovation (to store tools and furniture) then, clearly there will be a benefit to a local self storage facility because there isn’t time to travel further.


Is There A Unit Nearby You Like?

There might be a unit near to you that is OK, but you feel safer with the one that is double the distance. Although it might be tempting to compromise to save time, think carefully about what you are storing in the unit. You have to trust the facility to keep your items secure, and it isn’t worth an extra ten minutes drive to be worried about your items in the wrong self storage facility.


How Are You Getting To And From The Unit?

Perhaps you don’t drive and your partner does, in which case you need to find out how far they are willing to drive. Whilst you might be fine being a passenger for half an hour, your partner might only be willing to drive ten minutes. If your only transport is public, then you might want a unit further away, but easily accessible by train IE a five minute walk from the station.


Might You Need Urgent Access To The Unit?

If you need to get to the unit quickly, then you will want it closeby. Businesses who store stock in their self storage space may need quick access to the unit for last minute orders, stock checks and deliveries.


Is The Unit Actually Ten Minutes Away?

Sometimes the route can make a difference to time. It should take ten minutes to get to the unit but actually, there is often traffic that way and it takes more like 30 minutes. A diverted route will take about the same. It is good to visit the unit at different times of the day to find out if it really is as quick to get there as it seems.


These are all really good considerations to make when thinking about how far you should be from your storage unit. It is a personal choice and ultimately the quality of the unit should come above the travel time. Think about it carefully and in any case, always visit a few units before making your choice because you will be paying them to keep your belongings safe so, they have to be the right company for your needs.