Why We Think Self Storage Insurance Is Crucial

It would be unthinkable to decide not to insure your house. Home insurance  means that if an unexpected, and likely stressful, event such as a  burglary, fire or flood was to occur then at least you wouldn’t be out of pocket.

Although every effort has been made to make our site as safe and secure as possible, from having someone on site 24 hours a day to having full CCTV coverage, there is still the possibility that unexpected events can occur potentially putting your stored items at risk.


If something is valuable enough to be kept in storage then it is definitely valuable enough to be insured. It’s important to us that your items are protected which is why we think storage insurance is crucial.



What does Storage Insurance Cover?


Storage Insurance is designed to cover both personal and business items against the risks associated with storing them. Storage Insurance covers your belongings when they are being stored away from your home or business premises and sometimes(depending on your cover) when they’re in transit. 


Self storage insurance is usually very affordable. As a guide, for every £1000 worth of cover, insurestore.com charges £0.69 a week. It’s important that you get enough insurance to cover the cost of your items so if something did happen then you’d be able to replace everything.




How do I get Storage Insurance?

Self storage sites often offer their own insurance policy. This can be a more convenient option and mean that you can be insured as soon as you sign for your unit. 


There is also the option to shop around and take out insurance elsewhere. For instance you can use price comparison sites. This may be cheaper but will take more time.

It’s also possible that your home insurance will cover the items that you have in storage so it’s worth checking to make sure before agreeing to another policy.


Of course self storage insurance isn’t a legal requirement but definitely still recommend it. 


We don’t mind which option you choose. We just want you to have the best experience possible when keeping your belongings in self storage. Insurance can give you additional peace of mind that your belongings will be covered no matter what. 



What To Watch Out For?

Make sure you choose the right insurance options as you will need to find the right plan for you. Don’t undervalue your belongings as you may end up short of the true value for your items when putting in a claim.


When choosing a self storage site try to consider a site with high levels of security as it will hopefully prevent you from needing to use your insurance and should help you when putting in a claim. 


Try to consider things such as CCTV and manned security, as it well help you put in as accurate a claim as possible. This will make it much easier to get your insurance claim paid out.