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Pick the Right Size Storage Space

Finding the perfect storage solution shouldn’t be a difficult task. If you know what you’re wanting to store then the next step is figuring out what size unit you will need.

Whether you’re wanting business storage, personal storage, student storage or are moving house, it's important that you get the size right. Otherwise, you’ll end up spending money for space you might not use.

We have provided you with a breakdown of what size units we offer here at Twenty4 Secure Storage and if you follow the below steps you will be able to choose the right storage space in Leeds for you.

#1 Make a list of what you’re going to store

First things first, we recommend that you make a list of everything you are wanting to store. That way, you can get a sense of how small or large your items are and if anything is bulky that can’t be condensed when packing.

When creating your list, break down your items into breakables, delicate materials, electronics and large items, then you will know what kind of packing materials you will need and roughly how big they will be. This really helps with the decision making process as it allows you to grasp how much you are actually needing to store. Sometimes people can underestimate or overestimate how much space they may need and this step eliminates that.

#2 Speak to a professional

Once you’ve created your list, give us a call and let us know what you’re wanting to store. Then we can give you a recommended size unit and are one step closer to choosing your unit size. Alternatively you can skip this step and choose your size yourself by following the next few steps.

#3 Choose your size

Here at Twenty4 Secure Storage you’ll find the following size units: 35 sq ft, 75 sq ft, 150 sq ft and 300 sq ft. 

But what can actually fit in these size units?

Below is a table that answers just that question. You’ll find guidelines as to what you can typically expect to fit in each of these unit sizes for what you are wanting to store.

Your belongings Storage Size
Storage Cost
Contents of a desk
35sqft £15
Contents of a studio flat 75sqft £20
Contents of a 2 bed semi detached house OR one small car 150sqft £30
Contents of a 2 bed semi detached house and a car OR 2 medium cars 300sqft £60

#4 Get your unit

Now that you’ve decided what size unit you need, all you need to do now is to reserve your unit and follow the procedure to storing items in your unit with us here at Twenty4 Secure Storage. We offer optimal customer service whereby there is a member of staff on site 24 hours a day so if you need any additional help, give us a call or pop into our on site reception.

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