9 Office Essentials That Will Help Boost Your Productivity

Feeling like your work space isn’t helping your efficiency? The right equipment can make a big difference to your productivity and workflow. So I’ve compiled a list of some of the biggest office essentials.


I’ve split these up into three sections:

Comfort, Organisation and Optional Extras.

Each section will help with productivity and make your office space somewhere you want to be. And we’re foregoing things such as computers, internet and printers. Since it’s likely you’ll already have them!



A good office space is one that isn’t painful to work in. Spending long hours at an uncomfortable desk isn’t good for your health. So here are a few things that you can do to make those long hours easier.


#1 Good Lighting

Eye strain is one of the most common problems encountered by office workers. Looking at a screen for too long has been found to cause eyestrain and trouble focusing. So much for productivity, eh? 

good lighting


But finding the right lighting for your office space can help to reduce these issues. It’s recommended to avoid lighting that’s too bright or harsh. So skip those overhead fluorescent bulbs in favour of a nice ambient desk light!




#2 The Chair that’s Right 

comfortable chair

Staying sedentary for long periods of time can affect your health. Sitting in the wrong position can put unnecessary pressure on your spine, and this can lead to back pain. A good solution is to find a chair that you can adjust to suit your needs. This lets you find a sitting position that won’t cause discomfort.



#3 A Desk to suit you

This one falls into organisation, too. Find a desk that you can sit comfortably at. It might be one that’s exactly the right height. Or you find yourself craving that extra leg room. If you don’t fancy sitting down all day, an adjustable standing desk could be the one for you.

If you fancy having papers close to hand, you could find a desk that has drawers. Or one with tabletop storage.



#4 Start a filing system

start a filing system

There’s no doubt that you’re going to need hard copies of documents. So having a filing system can help you keep track of those important papers. And also keep your desk space mess-free.


You could have a separate cabinet for documents and things you won’t need on hand. And then have paper trays for things you might need readily on hand.


Which leads me onto the next idea…


#5 Storage on your desk

storage on your desk


There’s nothing worse than having office supplies strewn across your workspace. If they have no real home, they’re doomed to forever wander the desk space. Find some containers for pens, paperclips and any other supplies. This will help prevent them from making a home wherever they land.


#6 Calendars, both digital and paper

calendars, both digital and paper

Having calendars will help you keep track of important dates, in two ways:


Digital calendars often pop up reminders to tell you that an event is happening soon. 


Physical paper calendars can act as visuals so you can see how full your schedule is. No more unexpected or missed meetings!


Optional Extras

When you say ‘office space’, what comes to mind? Is it a plain setup with cold colours and dull lighting? Or is it somewhere bright and welcoming that just screams productivity? 


Making your office space welcoming can make work feel less like a chore. By adding personal touches you can create somewhere that you want to be in. And you’ll find that your productivity will skyrocket, too!


#7 Motivational Mascot

Motivational mascot



A fun way to make your desk more welcoming could be having a mascot. This could be a figurine, or maybe a sticker or cutout. A mascot should remind you of your goals, or maybe represent you. Having a little friend on your desk might make those long hours feel less lonely, too.



#8 Plants to add colour and life (literally)

Having desk plants will help to add a bit more colour into your workspace. They can help keep you feeling refreshed and add a much needed bit of nature. It can be nice to share a desk with something else that’s living. Especially if you’re not sat close to any windows. 


A desk fan can also help you feel fresh if you’re away from fresh air. Circulating the air in your workspace can reduce that hot or stale feeling. Especially when the weather is warm.


#9 Add a few desk ornaments

Familiarity is your friend here. Adding some personal touches to your desk can help you feel more at ease in your work environment. This could be photos of loved ones, or some desk toys. Or even something as simple as using your favourite mug to hold your pens.


So there you have it! These are some of the things that can become essential to your home office. Do you have any other essentials? Let us know in the comments!


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