Mistakes To Avoid When Using Self Storage

So you’ve decided to start using self storage, great! It is a fantastic way to store your belongings whether that be personal, vehicular or business storage. The security benefits are great with some sites offering twenty four hour security and weather proof storage units at a reasonable price. 


However, many people take out storage units and make mistakes costing them money, increasing risk of damage and decreasing productivity. Here are some common mistakes that people make when using self storage.


Not Labeling


It’s a common mistake when taking out a storage unit to forget to label your belongings. However, this will leave you in a tough situation when you visit the unit. It doesn’t take a lot of time.  


Being able to identify boxes and items will increase your productivity when visiting your unit and will help you keep organised. This takes very little work and will save you a lot of time later on.


Forgetting To Take Inventory



Get a list of what you have put in storage and make sure you’re thorough. This makes insuring your items easier and also gives you a certain list of what is in your unit. When taking inventory it may be worthwhile taking note of the value of the items to make it easier when insuring your items.


Keeping track of your inventory is a great way of knowing what you have, what you should have and what you may need. It also stops wasted journeys to your storage unit if you think you may have put an item in storage you can easily check whether or not it is in fact in the facility.


Not Making The Most Of Your Space 


When using self storage make sure to make the most of the space you are using. If you have a smaller unit you may be able to fit your belongings in by being smart with your space and storing things well using shelves and tightly packed boxes. 


Quite often people will upsize their unit to accommodate their belongings but then feel like they are in too big a space for what they have. If people were smarter with their space they might be able to pack a smaller unit with the same amount of items and save money by not needing to upgrade to a larger unit.


Choosing The Wrong Size 


It is important to consider what size unit you will need. Although you may be starting off with fewer items you may eventually need more space. If you suspect there’s a possibility of needing more space then use a larger unit. On the flip side, some people overcompensate for space and take out a unit twice the size they realistically need practically wasting more money. 


By working out what kind of size you need and visiting the site you are looking at the unit you are looking to rent then you can figure out what size unit you need. Some storage facilities offer calculators that help you figure out what size unit you need based on what items you are putting into them.

Not Insuring Your Belongings


Although it isn’t a legal requirement, it is important to insure your items when putting them in self storage. Most storage facilities strongly recommend insuring items before putting them into storage to protect them against accidental damage and robbery. 


Although a storage facility can insure your items to an extent, it is still worth looking at getting self insurance. Some incidents are out of the facilities hands therefore you want to get your own insurance as well to have the best coverage possible.


A Bad Lock



When using self storage make sure you get a good lock. Although it may seem obvious it is an often overlooked part of self storage. When we say a good lock we mean a heavy duty steel padlock, to keep your unit extra secure and limit access to your unit. It is important to consider the safety of your items and remember that without it your items are uninsured.


 As well as this you want to make sure your unit is extra secure, although your storage facility may offer security and surveillance it is still important that each person takes responsibility for their own unit.


Bonus Advice: It is also important to make sure the goods you are storing are not prohibited. If you suspect the items you are looking to store may be prohibited make sure to call the facilities office and find out.

In conclusion, by following these tips and applying them to your storage unit then you are going to be able to make your storage unit easier to work with, more secure and more affordable. By taking the preparation required before paying for a storage unit you will save yourself a lot of work, time and money in the long run.