7 [Super Easy] Steps to Prepare Your Car For Storage


car storage

It takes no genius to understand that your car is your precious cargo – it’s expensive and it serves you well by getting you from A to B. This means that you want it well protected at all times, and when you’re not using it you need peace of mind knowing that it is safe from damage. Whether you’re going on a long trip away, have two cars but only use one occasionally, or you have a show car that you only get out every now and again, then self container storage might be your answer. Not everyone has the privilege of having their own secure garage or driveway and so its necessary to look at other solutions. You might have thought about parking your car on your street but you put yourself at risk for damage, especially if it’s a busy narrow street. That’s why we have decided to highlight the benefits of self container storage for your car for you.

#1 Find a Storage Facility 


There are plenty of storage facilities across the UK and Leeds. They vary from indoor to outdoor to container storage facilities so you have plenty of options to choose from. You might find a self contained outdoor storage facility the best option for you because you can drive right into your unit with no problem. Before making this decision though, it’s always good to do your research.


It’s also good to make sure you pick a location. Remember, if you’re driving to the storage facility to store your car…


how will you get back home? 


Choosing a location that’s got good connections to your home is always a plus.


#2 Decide on a size that suits you best 


The size of the unit you rent will depend on the size of your car and how many cars you are wanting to store. Usually, 150 sq.ft or 300 sq.ft will do but it’s best to speak to a member of staff at your chosen facility for their advice.


Storing other things too? This needs to be taken into account because if you’re planning to store other things with your vehicle then you may need a larger unit.


#3 Service Your Car

service your car

It’s important that your cars vital mechanisms are checked before storing your car long term or else you might risk your car not starting when you go to take it out of storage. In order to service your car properly, we recommend you complete the following:


  • Fill the tank with petrol – this will prevent the tank from rusting
  • Add a stabilizer – this preserves the gasoline and prevents damage
  • Change the oil – old dirty oil can thicken over time which might make it hard for your car to start




#4 Clean Your Car


clean your car


A clean car going into storage means a clean car coming out of storage. Plus, it helps to avoid any contaminants for the duration of the storage period.




#5 Use Tire Jacks

Using tire jacks will prevent you from getting flat spots and will reduce the amount of pressure your tires are put under. This means that you reduce the risk of needing replacement tires when you come to take your car out of storage.


#6 Charge or disconnect your battery


Sometimes your battery can lose charge, even when you have the engine turned off. So, it’s best to have your battery fully charged before putting it into storage. If you’re storing your car for longer than 3 months, we’re recommend removing your battery as they can leak acid and corrode the inside of the car if they sit unused. Disconnecting the battery is a simple process and will save you trouble later on.


#7 Cover your car


We’d recommend purchasing a vehicle cover for long term storage, this was, your car will be shielded from any dust that might make its way into your unit.

We hope the above 7 steps are useful in helping you decide where to store your car. If you have any advice we’d be happy to talk to you over the phone or on site.


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