25 [Super] Ways to Store Shoes

A chaotic pile of shoes is a home feature that many of us don’t want to admit to. 


Tired of raking through that pile to find the one pair you need? It might be time to reorganise and find another means of storing them.


But, first things first…


1. Have a big sort through


Have you found yourself staring down a pile of shoes bigger than you’ll ever have room for? It might be time to sort through them.It’s more than likely that you’ll have a few pairs that haven’t seen the sun in years. If they’re not getting worn, and won’t be worn again, it might be time to say goodbye…


If you’re too much of a shoe addict to do this, then don’t worry! Most of these ideas can be adjusted to the size of your shoe collection. You won’t have to throw a single one of your babies away.

2. Organise! Separate formal casual beach etc…


Storing your shoes will be easier if you separate them into categories first. You could separate them by occasions, such as casual, formal or beach-wear. Or by styles such as flats and heels.



3. Buy a shoe rack – but avoid wire ones


Shoe racks are easy purchases, and you can put them anywhere if you have the space. Think- inside your wardrobe, the hallway, or a spare corner in your room or home.


4. Lay them out on your closet floor

If your wardrobe has a big enough floor (that you’re satisfied is clean!) use it to your advantage. Utilising your wardrobe floor can be simple and cost effective. A great way to arrange your shoes and keep them off the floor.


5. Consider a separate shoe closet


If your collection is really big, you could consider having a separate closet to house all of your pairs.


6. Utilise a bookcase or your drawer tops


Some shoes just need to be on display. When that fancy pair of stilettos aren’t gracing your feet, you could display them on a shelf or bookcase. Doing this with your other shoes could also help you to see where everything is.

7. Over the door racks


Needing to save space? Over-the-door shoe racks might be a good solution. They’re an easy way to keep your shoes organised and out of the way


8. Stacking shoe boxes with pictures or labels


Another cost-effective method could be keeping your shoes in their original boxes. Print out pictures of them or their names. Stick to the front and voila! Your own stackable shoe containers.

9. Or clear boxes


Investing in clear boxes instead of using shoeboxes could save you space, or make it easier to see what’s where.



10. Put fancy or expensive shoes at the top of the closet


Shoes that your less likely to wear might do well to be out of the way. Putting them in their boxes at the top of or on top of your closet could be a solution. It’ll keep them away from everyday damage and dust.

11. Invest in shoe hangers for boots or any other footwear


You heard it here first, folks. You can invest in special hangers for things that are a bit harder to store, such as boots. These also keep high-legged boots from collapsing and taking up space. You can also re-engineer 



12. Under a standing mirror or open closet


If you have a standing mirror or open closet, it could make the best camouflage. You could store your shoes beneath it in a drawer. Or you could install shelving or place boxes behind it.

13. Under the bed – clear boxes or trays


To keep shoes out of the way, but in easy to access places, the underside of your bed could be a great solution. This could be in clear boxes or on shoe trays. You could alternatively have shoe pockets hanging on the side.


14. You could also put trays under furniture too


If there’s no room under the bed, storing shoes on trays under furniture could also be an option.


15. In a pouffe


Most pouffes and ottomans have space inside of them for storage. If you’re not using it for anything important, you could make a DIY shoe space inside.


16. Or have a hallway bench with storage underneath


Another convenient piece of furniture could be a bench with shelving. You could place it by your doorway to create a designated footwear area.

17. Install shelving units in unused corners/areas


If you have an unused area of space in your house, you could turn it into a shelving area for your shoes. This could be especially convenient if it’s near your doorway.



18. Diy old crates or pallets


A simple lick of paint could turn unused wine crates or pallets into rustic shoe-racks! Perfect for a homely feel.


19. Install Drawers in your stairs/stair cubby holes


Another unique home-improvement project. Turning your stairs into drawers is a creative way to create a bit of extra space.


20. Make use of excess space such as boiler room or cupboard under stairs


The cupboard under the stairs doesn’t just have to be for Harry Potter. You could use it instead as a place for your shoes. This could work for a boiler room, too.


21. Use coat pegs as shoe hooks close to your door


You could make your own shoe-pegs or stand by installing coat pegs close to the floor. Put it near your door for easy access as you come in and out.


22. Coloured paper baskets and bulldog clips


This is one that kids will love. Brightly coloured paper baskets can organise shoes and make it fun. You could also use coloured bulldog clips to keep pairs together. No more missing single shoes.



23. Curtains to keep shoes out of sight.


Want to keep the shoe storage you already have out of the way and out of sight? Installing a curtain could give a sophisticated appearance whilst hiding unsightly shoes.

24. Use wall moulding/chair rails to your advantage


If you’re in a house that has wall moulding, you could use it as an unconventional hook for your heels. It could make a nice display whilst also keeping them off the ground.



25. Consider storage for your out of season shoes.


Having a pair of shoes for any season and any occasion is the mark of a footwear devotee. But it can also mean that there are many occasions where you aren’t wearing one of your many pairs. You could consider self storage if you find your collection starting to take up space.





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