How To Sign Up Digitally at Twenty4 Secure Storage 

During the Covid-19 pandemic we have been looking at how to protect our customers, staff and community from spreading this virus. We deeply encouraged customers to use contactless payment over the phone and to contact us over email. We realised that a lot of customers weren’t aware they were able to sign up to a container without ever having to be face to face with our staff.


To help reduce the spread of the virus and for those who are not local to the site we have created a digital sign up process. You are not required to sign up digitally however if it is an option we can offer to give you peace of mind when moving into your new storage unit. This step by step guide can assist you through the process of a digital sign up at Twenty4 Secure Storage. 


Use The Storage Calculator


When deciding on a unit size you can use our online storage calculator, this will give you a size and price of the unit you are looking to rent and inform you of any special offers that may be available for that size of unit. All you will need to do is add the maximum amount of what items you will be storing as you will need to be certain of the correct sized unit to avoid any surprises on the day. 


Reserve Your Unit Online


You can then go ahead and reserve your unit. This can be done through our website after choosing your unit size and having a look through our special offers. To reserve a unit you are required to pay a £5 holding fee, which allows us to hold onto the space for you until you are ready to move into your new unit. 


When reserving please send us your contact information such as email address and phone number, this will make it easier for us to get in contact with you in order to complete your contract.


Send Identification via Email

When signing up we require two forms of identification, a photographic identification and a proof of address. The photographic identification can be a passport, driving licence or any type of citizens card that can validate your identity. For proof of address we require a letterhead which states your name and address, this could be anything from a bank statement to a council letter. 


This can then be sent via email along with the name the unit is reserved under. Let us know the date you wish to take up your contract and confirm your contact information so we can contact you on the day. 


Sign Online Contract

On the day we will give you a call and confirm that you are still wishing to move into your unit. We will then send you a contract via the email address you have provided. Our contracts are sent through Signable and will go straight to your inbox. 


The contract you will receive is the same as the paper contract we would provide you with on site, you will see green boxes which you are required to sign with your finger. Also you will need to confirm that you wish to accept or decline an insurance policy on the contract.Once the contract has been completed you will be click complete, this will then be sent back to us and you are officially in contract for your unit. 


Pay Over Phone or via Bank Transfer


We will then require you to make your first payment over the phone. You will be required to pay the first four weeks of your contract and a four weeks refundable security deposit. The £5 holding fee will be deducted from your first payment. To make your first payment all you will need is your bank card, make sure this is the card you would like your security deposit sent back to once you vacate your unit.


Alternatively you are able to pay via bank transfer, to do this we will require you to contact us in order to give you the account information and before you are able to move into your unit we will need to verify that payment has been received. We will also still need to take your card information in order to send your refundable deposit back once you decide to move out. 


Once the first payment has been made we can discuss setting up a smart debit. This would allow your payment to be taken on the same day each month and will keep contact minimal. A smart debit is a much more reliable way of paying as your payment will be taken on the same day each month and payment is taken automatically meaning you will be unlikely to occur late charges. 


Time To Move In

When you come down the site to move in you will need to contact us to open up your unit so you can go ahead and access your unit. You can do this however you would like, you could send us an email the night before, call us once your onsite or pop into our office and let us know you are ready to access your unit. To do this you will need to show us your identification so we can verify your identity.