How To Prepare For And Make The Most Of Your Holidays

Summer is over, and maybe you didn’t quite do all the things you wanted. But that’s okay! 


Just because it didn’t happen then doesn’t mean it’s too late to start now. So whether you wanted to start a personal project, achieve your fitness goals or have a trip away… It’s not too late to start. Time to get planning!

Post-Summer Ideas


1. Working on a project

Maybe you were going to start on that novel you’ve always wanted to write. Or learn a new hobby or skill. That Summer break you were waiting for might have seemed like the perfect chance. But right now could be just as good of a time to start. And these handy tips can help you on your way…


Begin by setting a clear goal. What do you want to achieve by the end of the year?  It could be to run 5k, or know how to knit a scarf (perfect for Christmas!). Make sure it’s achievable. So If you reach it before the end of the year, you’ll feel a lot more motivated to keep going.


Make a plan and set aside time. Don’t go all out straight away, and be clear and precise. Instead of ‘I’m going to exercise more’, try ‘I’m going to exercise every Monday’. Instead of  ‘I want to learn a language’, try ‘I’m going to practice French for 15 minutes every night’. 

Setting a clear plan will make you much more likely to commit and not put things off. Then you can start increasing the amount of time you spend doing your chosen activity.

Don’t be afraid of failure. A person’s attitude to failure is one of the biggest reasons for quitting. How do you overcome this? By not using it as a reason to give up entirely. So maybe you missed a day at the gym, ate one cookie too many, or your sewing project has fallen by the wayside. That’s okay! Just make sure to commit the next time your gym day or project time rolls around.


2. Plan a spontaneous trip.

Didn’t manage that summer getaway you were dreaming of? Or maybe it wasn’t as eventful as your were hoping. If you have the cash, why not put some towards a spontaneous getaway? You can find lots of last minute deals online, and if going abroad doesn’t suit you there’s lots of stuff to do closer to home. Utilise a long weekend and there you have it- a spontaneous and fun weekend getaway.


3. Spending time with family.

If you were wanting to spend more time with friends or family, a bbq could be the perfect event! Even if you don’t have a ‘proper’ bbq, local supermarkets sell disposable ones for cheap. So why not dig out your old beach chairs, recruit a few friends and family members, and kit out your space with all kinds of bbq food!

You could also try and get them involved in a day trip out. You could visit some local cafes or museums. Or instead simply invite them round for a cup of tea.

Preparing For Christmas

The Summer holidays aren’t the only big event of the year. It might be months away right now, but Christmas will come faster than you expect. This year could be the time to get prepared and beat the holiday panic. Here’s a few tips on how…


Establish a budget

While Christmas might be the time of giving, it can be helpful to know how much you actually *have* before you spend. This can help you to plan out everyone’s gifts and avoid being a bit shorthanded once the holiday season is over.


Buy things ahead of time

Whether it’s Christmas food or gifts, buying ahead of time means you’ll beat the big December rush. Nothing can be more satisfying than feeling calm in the midst of a panicked rush. So to do this (you guessed it), plan ahead! 


It can be helpful to make a list of gift ideas for each person you’re buying for and cross them off as you go! You could also create a Christmas shopping list. You can buy most Christmas food well in advance of the big day without it spoiling. But beware of wandering hands- they might get to it before you can!


Preparing in advance can give you the stress-free lead up to the holidays that you deserve.


But when the holidays have come and gone…


Don’t stop there! Use this time as another opportunity to get your goals off the ground.

New years is right around the corner, and it might be the perfect time to set a new goal to work towards!