The Greatest Self Storage in Leeds, Here’s Why…

At Twenty4 Secure Storage we are confident that we are the best storage facility in Leeds. From our fantastic customer service to our twenty-four hour security we offer many industry leading benefits at a reasonable price. We think some of the benefits we give the customers are far beyond what our competitors are providing. Here are a some of the reasons we believe we are the greatest self storage facility in the whole of Leeds;

Open 365 Days a Year – Including Bank Holidays

We are one of the few storage facilities who are unaffected by holidays, we honour our customers by staying open for 365 days every year. We want to make sure people can access their units as often as possible. Therefore we offer 365 day a year service, meaning you won’t be stranded on bank holidays or during holidays.




Close to City Centre – Great Location


We are situated on Chelsea Close just two miles outside of Leeds City Centre. We have great motorway links and are accessible on foot and public transport also. This means we are always easily accessible to anyone in the Leeds area no matter what your circumstances are.



Suiting Your Needs – Anything You Might Need

Whether you are moving house or operating a business, at Twenty4 Secure Storage we can help suit your needs. You may need to hire our onsite Forklift to move pallets, or you need contacts for a removal company. 


We aim to offer customers a stress free experience when storing with us. This is why we can proudly offer great service for personal storage, student storage, vehicle storage, business storage or archival storage


Wide Concrete Roads – Drive Up To Unit


We have situated our containers on our wide concrete roads, customers are often pleased with how easily accessible their units are and reduced risk of damage to their vehicles when trying to access the units.

It is also beneficial as it reduces dirt and unnecessary marks to a vehicle and clothing. When compared to our outdoor competitors you will often find other sites use stones or muddy patches of land as opposed to our concrete roads. 


Award Winning – UK’s Best Container Storage Operators 


We are an SSA award winning storage facility, winning the award for UK’s best container facility 2019. SSA is the self storage association, which covers the entirety of the UK. This was achieved by our willingness to listen and understand our customers and what they want from their storage facility. 


We have constantly strived to improve our site to suit the needs of the customers. Although we are a relatively new site opening in 2018 we have been able to establish ourselves as the best storage facility in Leeds to many.


Great Customer Service – 24 Hours a Day

We pride ourselves on our quality of customer service, we have a staff member on site twenty-four hours a day. Our phone lines and social media are open 24 hours for enquiries and customer queries. 

During opening hours a staff member will be on site to show you around and have a chat about any questions you may have. Our friendly staff are motivated and dedicated to bring you the best customer service possible.

 This was a key reason why we were named the UK’s best facility container operators by the SSA. Our staff will also help provide you with valuable contacts with things such as van hire, contractors and removal companies, to assist you when you require.

Weather Proof Containers – Keep Your Belongings Safe

Our containers are high quality shipping containers designed to carry goods overseas. Although they are unlikely to face such conditions they are designed with the harshest of weather conditions in mind and keep your goods and belongings safe and undamaged.


They offer plenty of room no matter what you are storing in them, whether it be a few boxes or a large vehicle.


High Quality Security – Secure Storage

We also provide twenty-four hour monitored security, meaning that your belongings are safe at all times, day and night. We have CCTV cameras monitoring the entire parameter of our site and twenty-four hour manned security meaning there will always be someone on site to monitor the site and your units. 


Our units themselves can be locked with high quality padlocks that are sold on site meaning you can keep your belongings locked in the unit, staff have no access to your unit.


Opening Hours – For Your Convenience

We are committed to giving our customers the best access possible to their units. We have flexible opening hours that allow people to drop by at their convenience, morning and evening. 


These hours are much less restricted when compared to most storage facilities in the Leeds area. We aim to bring customers the best opening hours possible and help you have convenient access to your unit and belongings.


Excellent Value – Flexible Contracts and Special Offers

At Twenty4 Secure Storage we want to be competitive with our prices offering all of the benefits of a high quality storage facility at a reasonable price. We currently offer prices ranging from £15 for a week including VAT. 

 We also have special offers on some units available on our website. We have no hidden costs, all you pay on the day is the first four weeks of your rental and a four week refundable deposit. At Twenty4 Secure Storage we think you’ll find a deal you are happy with for short or long term storage.