Garage Storage Or Self-Storage? Which Is Best For You?


These days, having a garage is a real bonus to a property. Having a parking space is often difficult to achieve depending on the location of a house, so having a secure garage is a real plus point for most homeowners. The problem is, the garage often gets used to store everything and anything. A car, step ladders, sports items, Christmas items, boxed items ready for car boots, items of furniture you have no space for – the list is endless. And the problem with that is, that the garage might not be the best place to store a lot of the things we store in it.


Self storage is a great solution for extra space but, is it right to pay for extra storage when you have a garage?


Using Your Garage For Storage: The Pros


You Don’t Pay Extra

When you use your garage for self storage you don’t pay any extra to use that space. Although cheap self storage is likely cheaper than you might think, it won’t be as cheap as using your garage.


You Have Easy Access

You can walk a few steps from your front or back door to get to your garage which is extremely convenient. A local self storage unit can be very close to your home, but it won’t be as close as your garage.



Using Your Garage For Storage: The Cons


Garages Are Incredibly Useful

If you have a garage for storage but you keep your car on the drive you could be paying more for your insurance than if you kept your car safe in the garage. Garages are also useful spaces for extra living space, home-gyms or working space. They’re like an extension on your home.


Garages Are Not As Secure As Self Storage

Your home and your garage are not as secure as a cheap self storage unit. So keeping sports items, bikes and other belongings in the garage might be convenient but it isn’t exactly secure. One lock in an intruder can get into your garage and take what they want. With self storage, there are 24/7 receptions, various entry points with locks, lighting, gates, security – the list is endless. Self storage facilities are in the business of keeping your items safe.


Self Storage Could Be The Ideal Alternative To Using Your Garage For Storage

Self storage does cost a little more than using your garage for storage and it isn’t next to your house, but, it does have a lot of benefits that make it a superior choice to storing in your garage.


It is more secure and a self storage facility will go above and beyond to keep your items safe. It is flexible and you can choose the exact space size you need. It is also climate controlled, which your garage isn’t. So items sensitive to heat or cold will not be affected.

Realistically, garage storage does work for a lot of items, but if you want to utilise your garage to benefit your home life, and you want a secure and cost-effective space to store your belongings, self storage could be the best option for you.