How to Prepare When Moving Furniture into Storage

Your furniture can be what makes your house into your home, so it makes sense to want it as safe as possible. 

Storing your sofa, armchair, table or lamp in a storage unit can be a great way to keep your home items secure and protected.

So you may ask how to make sure your furniture leaves your home and arrives at your unit safely? Well, here at Twenty4 Secure we have taken the time to help guide you through the storage process.

Benefits of Storage

Firstly, you may be asking why is it worth using storage for my furniture? A perfectly understandable question! 

This is the first step to preparing for storing your furniture. Let me explain in five simple points: 

1 – Convenience

Don’t clutter up your home, or spend hours trying to squeeze it all into the spare room or garden shed. Simply rent a unit and have it easily fit with room to spare.

2- Security

With over 30 CCTV cameras on site, our facility is secured under constant surveillance by our 24/7 staff presence. 

3- Accessibility

Roads leading right up to your unit allows for unloading and loading of your furniture straight to and from your vehicle.  This can greatly speed up and simplify the storage process.

4- Flexibility

Sometimes things don’t go as planned, unexpected delays or moved up deadlines can be a stressful time. 

However, with easily adjustable storage contracts your furniture can be moved in and out when you need it. 

5- Insurance

For the unlikely circumstance where your furniture is lost or damaged, having it within a storage facility can have it covered through insurance. 

Avoiding any stress of worrying if your home or personal insurance covers your items, the unit will be covered all by itself. 

Short Term Storage

Another aspect of furniture storage that is important to think on is the question of if you need long or short term storage for your items. 

Short term storage is best for scenarios such as moving house, where you are likely to have a brief period when you are between homes.

Redecorating or selling your home may lead to you needing to make more space in order to show off the spacious attributes of your house. 

Downsizing can often also leave you with the need to temporarily store your home furniture until you can sell it, recycle it, or find just the right place to put it in your new home. 

Long Term Storage

Often the same reasons that you need short term storage can be why you need long term storage.

However, unfortunate events such as serious damage to your home, or changes in your home insurance no longer covering certain items can be good call for long term storage.

A more positive reason for long term storage is if you are renting a house or flat and your tenants require more or less space, having furniture ready to go can really help keep tenants happy and costs low.

The Right One For You

Make sure you have the right sized unit for your needs. This is important as the costs, accessibility and efficiency of your storage can be affected by this. 


Remember to think about what you will be storing and how much room you’ll need to access and move it around. 

For more guidance look at our blog post dedicated to helping you make the right choice:

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