DVD Storage Ideas That Will Make Your Life Much Easier

Films are wonderful things, a great way to spend an evening with a loved one, a date or just to lose yourself for a few hours. DVDs may not be as common in modern times due to online streaming but for many of us we still have our beloved special films in a physical copy. 


However, keeping hold of our top 10, 50, 100 films in DVD format can end up eating up a lot of space. So we’ve put together a list of 12 simple, straightforward and easily customisable for your home and personality storage solutions for your DVDs. 


From the classic shelf to the mobile binder there are a good few storage ideas to make sure your hours of cinematic wonder are kept safe and organised ready for your pleasure.


1. binder









The DVD Binder or DVD case is a classic pick up and go carry case for DVDs and CDs alike. From the more traditional ring index binder to the larger nylon wallet binder they are fantastic storage solutions for physical discs. Their portable nature and lightweight design makes them great for sharing and transporting your film collection with a binders DVD sleeves.













For a stronger more protective portable storage container why not try a traditional style basket. With many styles available such as handy plastic style baskets, the slightly heavier resin woven style basket, or the softer more stylish fabric foldable baskets for when they’re not in use. Baskets are great for when you accidentally knock or drop your DVD collection as they tend to me strong and able to take a bump or two.









Ottomans are always stylish and effective furniture for the bedroom that provides comfort for the eyes and storage for much larger items or numerous DVDs! Keeping the budget low with a reasonably priced ottoman can give your DVD collection a place to live that keeps the space clean yet easily accessible. Ottomans can be great ways to hide away your collection for safety or as a place to keep blankets  or coats on top of without messing up your DVD organisation. 










Drawers are a very common household item that are often underused or mis-managed. Have a drawer full of junk that you never use? Clear it out, not only does this help declutter your home but it gives you somewhere to store your DVDs.

 Don’t have an unused or spare drawer?  No worries! A stylish drawer or cabinet can be bought without breaking the budget and giving you that extra space for your DVD collection.










If you’re lucky enough to have a spare room in your home, use it effectively! Spare rooms are great places for storage, workshops or even a mini-media center. Whatever you use it for a solid wood bookcase can be a great edition to it, especially for storing large numbers of DVDs. Bookcases can also be a great addition to any living room or hallway to break up any empty spaces you might have.









Good ideas for small spaces include a simple DVD rack, the typical free standing tower style DVD rack can be a great way not only to store but display your DVD collection. By having your storage rack beside your TV in the living room, you can easily view your collection and show your love for your favourite films to all who visit. 














If you don’t have much floor space in your home but still need somewhere to store your DVD collection, why not go vertical?  Look to the skies and install a series of shelves. By making use of your empty upper wall space with a few decorative shelves for your wall also making it easier to find a DVD.











When possible digitizing your DVD collection onto an external hard drive can really maximise your portability and minimize the space taken up by your DVDs. With hard drives ranging from huge memory sizes like 4TB drives to the smaller but still respectfully sized 500Gb-1TB drives. Digital media storage can really improve your life as it makes your DVD collection easier to play and to back-up to protect against the worst case scenario of you losing your DVDs. 













The space under our beds is often left to lost socks, odd tops and the most random of items that leave us asking “how on earth did that get there?”. So why not use that space more efficiently, organise your under bed storage using a box or storage bag.

 Style varies from the zip-up thick fabric under the bed bag to the more sturdy plastic  pop lid storage box with wheels. These can be a great answer for keeping your DVDs organised but out of the way if space is limited in your bedroom. 












If you have a DVD collection that’s on the smaller side and you’re someone who likes to rewatch your collection often, keep your DVDs ready to go and nicely displayed by using your living room TV stand. A good sturdy tv stand with drawers can be a nice way to store your DVD player and DVD collection together  safely in an open living area. 










Cupboards are great additions to any home, typically used in the kitchen or bathroom for simple storage but wall mounted cupboards can be used all around the home for all sorts of reasons.

 DVD collections benefit from being stored in a cupboard as it can provide a nice out of the way, secure location for your DVDs to stay. Cupboards are easily customisable and you can fix a lock on them for ease, in case you have films unsuitable for the children in the home. 


IKEA is a fantastic place to look for the right cupboard for you to build a DVD storage area, just like when choosing the right unit at our site your storage choices matter and you should always look for your best offer.   











A more creative and unique way of creating storage is if you have free standing stairs, install small floating shelves on the underside of them. This creates a function to a previously unused space. If you have an enclosed under stair area then turning that into a cupboard or small storage room works just as well for keeping your DVD collection out of the way and safe.








Sci-Fi, Action, RomCom or Horror, whatever your movie tastes are make sure you keep them safe and secure. Hopefully these handy 12 ideas for how to get an at home DVD storage unit have helped maximise your storage capacity for your entertainment center.


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