How To Have The Best Looking Tree This Christmas And Make Everyone Jealous

If you’re looking forward to Christmas this year and want it to be perfect for your family, then a big way of doing this is by improving your Christmas decorations, more specifically your tree. To make your life easier I have listed five simple ways to make your Christmas tree looking the best it can, inevitably making everyone envious of your Christmas decorations.

1. The Big Decision – Real vs Artificial 

A discussion most families will have this Christmas is the debate between real or artificial trees. So we will list the benefits to both and allow you to choose.


  • The benefits of a real tree start with the experience of choosing your tree as a family, going to the garden centre and looking at all the trees, finding the one you want and bringing it home is a great day out and a fantastic way to enjoy some family time around christmas. 


  • They also give off an authentic fragrance that most people who were raised with real christmas trees will find comforting and familiar around the christmas season.


  • They also have a good environmental impact as amongst other things they absorb carbon dioxide and contribute to our earth’s oxygen, as well as being fully biodegradable. 



  • From a purely cosmetic standpoint, artificial trees offer many different looks and will almost always have a perfect symmetrical look. They can also come in all different shades of green meaning you can have a brighter fresher looking tree that will truly stand out, as well as being able to go for some truly unnatural colours or you could go for a more natural looking tree.


  • These trees will not give a fragrance like a real tree, which some families may see as a positive and also will not shed its pines like a real tree, meaning there is not as much maintenance required.

The biggest benefit of an artificial tree is its reusable nature, meaning you can use it for years by simply storing it away in its original box. However they are not environmentally friendly and if you were to throw your tree away it would have a damaging impact on the environment.

2. Shape the tree

To give your tree a fuller look you want to shape the branches the way you want them to look.


Do this by carefully moving the arms and the pines to the position you would like them before adding your decorations. 


Realise that although this can be time consuming it is the most important step to making sure your tree looks good this christmas as a misshapen tree that doesn’t look as full is more unappealing than a badly

3. Choose a colour scheme

Once you have your tree ready to go it is important to start adding decorations, an area where most people go wrong. The best way to take your tree from a charming looking tree to an attractive looking tree is to plan your tree out beforehand. Choose a colour scheme that suits your rooms decor. A christmas classic is a red and green colour scheme but you can choose any style of decorations from pink and white to grey and black as long as your colour scheme is fitting to your personal style and your room then you should be good to go.

3. Choose good quality lights

Finding good quality lights can be difficult but don’t let that put you off, finding some nice strong lights for your tree is the best way to step your tree decorating game up this year. Rather than looking at your local discount shop maybe try looking at some higher end high street stores, they usually offer very high quality alternatives, although it could cost you more these lights can be reused year upon year and over the years you will see them as a worthwhile investment.


Make sure your lights suit your decorations, if you are going for a certain theme or colour scheme try to accent this with the lights and don’t let them become the main focus.


Also look into the best ways to apply the lights to your tree, looping them under one branch and over the next to evenly distribute the light and slowly incline until the entire tree is accented by your lights.

5. Choose a centre piece – The topper

The centerpiece of the entire look of your tree, you have to find a fitting topper, no tree is complete without it. Make sure your topper suits the look and style of your tree as well as fitting the proportions. Here are a few classic options to help you choose the right topper:

The Angel

Finding a nice angel Gabriel for upon your tree is a classic and traditional topper for your tree and can look great with the right tree. Available in many sizes the angel topper can come in all kinds of different styles from the traditional porcelain style to a more abstract paper and wood variant. Finding the style and colour scheme to fit your tree can be a great look and will complete your tree perfectly.

The Star

Probably the most popular tree topper, the star is another traditional tree topper symbolising the star the three shepherds followed which led them to the baby Jesus. This is more of a minimalist tree topper and I believe it’s ability to suit most styles of trees is the reason for its popularity. You can get a star in a bold style or a wire style both can look great and depending on the style of tree you have then you could stake a case for either style.

Make your own

Want to add a personal touch to your tree? 

Then you could always make your own tree topper, a great family activity is to design a family tree topper that can be used for years to come and the best part of this is, its unique. You can create your topper to have a unique look, colour scheme, size and shape and best of all it’s one of a kind. You can create them using all kinds of different materials and paints with all kinds of unique styles and ideas, don’t be afraid to take risks and have fun with it!

Whether it’s the colour schemes or the style there are many different ways to make your christmas tree look great but it is important to remember to make it special and person for you and your family.Finally remember to have a very Merry Christmas!