9 Proven Car Boot Sale Tips That Will Actually Make You Money

Car boot sales are a simple way to turn your clutter into cash. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, with plenty of bargain hunters looking to find a hidden gem (which may just be something that’s been gathering dust in your cupboard).

car boot sales 

Simply gather your unwanted goods, find a fold away table and you’re ready to go! Remember, higher value items are likely to generate more profit online so don’t sell yourself short and sell a prize antique for pennies.


Be sure to do your research on the best car boot sales to go to and be prepared to travel. By making sure you attend one that is busy enough but has low selling fees you will maximise your profits.

do your research

Creating extra space in your house is priceless, of course, but a bit of pocket money is always nice. Generating money from unwanted items may seem like a dream, but there are many things you can do to make your table more appealing to buyers and allow you to actually make money from a car boot sale.




#1 Presentation is Key

presentation is key

Just because people are happy to buy second hand to get a bargain doesn’t mean they don’t have high standards. Be sure to clean up any items you intend to sell, washing any clothes or wiping any ornaments for example, to make them more attractive to potential customers. This will also make them appear newer and even allow you to give a higher asking price. 

Top Tip: Take some wipes with you to the sale just in case you’ve missed a spot or items become dirty after being handled. 


#2 Treat your Car Boot Like a Shop

treat your car boot like a shop

Merchandising is key. Just like a shop window you want to put your most attractive items pride of place to draw customers attention. No one wants to spend hours rummaging through boxes to find a bargain, people are lazy and it’s much more likely you’ll get a sale if you do the work for them. 


Top Tip: Consider investing in a clothes rail to hang your clothes and lay out your table neatly putting similar items together.


#3 Be Competitive 


Be competitive

That being said, nothing draws in customers like low prices. Consider having a bargain box where everything is 50p. The promise of a bargain will lure buyers to your stall and encourage them to look at your other, more valuable items.


Top Tip: Be organised and bring a float of change with you. They’ll always be someone wanting to buy one of your 50p items with 20 pound note.



#4 Avoid Labelling Items


avoid labelling items

Avoid labelling items as you may wish to change your prices throughout the day. While it can be extremely busy to start it may go quiet as the day goes on so it can be a good technique to lower your prices to get some last-minute sales.


Top Tip: Selling items cheaply and finding them a new home is much better for the environment than just throwing them away- which is likely to resort in them going to landfill. This tip is not only a great way to quickly get rid of unwanted items but it also helps the planet.


#5 Prepare to Barter


prepare to barter 

Customers love to act like they’re on a TV show and practice their best haggling techniques. If you’re looking to sell an item for £5 price it at £7 to start and then the customer will feel like they’ve got a bargain when you accept the lower offer!


Top Tip: Do not feel pressured into accepting a ridiculous offer way under the value of an item; if the customer really wants it, they’ll be back

#6 Consider the Best Items to Sell

consider the best items to sell

Make sure you are selling things people will want to buy. Toys and stuffed animals are generally successful, especially if they are collectibles. Children grow out of toys quickly and parents are keen to keep them happy. Try not to sell anything too big that customers wouldn’t be able to take home.


Top Tip: Bring a collection of carrier bags to help customers when buying multiple items.


#7 Pitch up Next to The Best Stalls

pitch up next to the best stalls

Try to get to the car boot early to pick the best spot. Aim to be next to other attractive looking stalls as they will receive the most foot traffic and will achieve the most sales. Be sure to keep your prices competitive with theirs however as you don’t want to lose potential customers!


Top Tip: Be aware that customers may try to buy you items before you’ve finished setting up your stall. Don’t feel pressured into accepting sales, once your tables looking perfect, plenty more people will come.


#8 Customer Service

customer service

Remember to smile and interact with customers. People are much more likely to purchase something if they are greeted with a friendly conversation. Take interest in what they are viewing and prepare to answer any questions they might have.


Top Tip: Be friendly with fellow Car Boot sellers they may point customers in your direction.



#9 Stand Your Ground

stand your ground

It can be easy to become caught up in the atmosphere and frantically start reducing the price of items to see the back of them. Remember, there will always be more car boot sales and more opportunities to sell to new customers. 


Top Tip: Consider putting your unsold items in storage to avoid having them clutter up your newly cleared home space. Having a separate place for your car boot stock will make it even easier next time you decide to pack up your store.