Create A Mini Library At Home With These Book Storage Ideas

There’s nothing more relaxing than settling down after a long day with a hot drink and a gripping book. 


In the age of Kindles and audiobooks it can be argued that buying physical copies of books is a thing of the past. In the defense of Kindles, books do take up a great deal of space. Having one device which can contain thousands of different stories is extremely convenient. 


That being said, there is nothing more aesthetically pleasing in a home than a fully stocked book shelf. But why settle for a simple shelf, when you could create your own mini library? “But i don’t have any space” you exclaim! Don’t panic. This blog is full of hacks and inspiration that can help turn even the most unexpected areas of your house into a bibliophiles dream.



Easy Projects


It doesn’t have to take a lot of time or money to start your mini library. If the thought of committing to a big DIY project scares you, or you want a quick solution to your book storage needs, then these ideas are for you. 


1. A Crate Idea


Crates can be a perfect way of storing large books. For instance, a crate can be placed on the kitchen side to keep all your cookbooks neat and close to hand. An idea surely worthy of a ‘Paul Hollywood’ handshake!

If you don’t have space on the kitchen side, with just a couple of screws, you could hang crates on the wall to keep your books in.



Even better than buying crates you could recycle old ones which will not only give you a stylish storage solution but also help the planet!





2. Magic Floating Books

Floating street performers are everywhere. Men cover themselves in gold and silver paint and stand outside Marks and Spencer’s across the country in the hope that someone will be so amazed by the illusion that they will feel obligated to give some money. 











You could recreate this illusion in your own home with your books, making it look like they are floating in the middle of your wall. Your friends and family will be amazed, but you will know that all it took was a mini shelf that was put up in just a couple of minutes.


3. Nooks and Crannies

For whatever reason, rooms are never a square but come in all kinds of peculiar shapes and sizes. In areas where you can’t fit any other kind of furniture why not hang a series of shelves. This ensures that no space in your home is wasted and creates an extra storage solution.


Splash the Cash


If you’re lucky enough to have a few pounds to spare there are many unique storage options you may wish to invest in for all areas of your home. Best of all, you don’t have to do any work.




4. Children’s Books

Children’s book covers always feature beautiful illustrations. It seems a shame that these would be hidden. Why not make your kids books a central feature of their bedrooms by investing in a forward facing display. This may even encourage children to read more!



5. Unusual Shelves

There are many different designs of shelves that you can invest in that will add a unique focal point to your room. Instead of adding wall art why not add a shelf.


Here are some great examples:





Big Projects 


If you want to prove just how much you love books then why not turn them into a key feature of your home. These may take a bit more time, and even involve getting a builder to help you, but the end result will definitely be worth it.


 If you need somewhere to store your books while your project is being completed it may be worth temporarily placing them in self storage – along with any other furniture that might get in the way.


6. Picture Ledge

High ceilings can make a room feel bare even when it is filled with furniture. To break up the wall you can hang a picture ledge where a dado rail would otherwise be which can be used to place books. You can then hang wall art underneath and your room will feel complete and homely. 









7. Bookcase Under the Stairs

Just like Harry Potter as a child, your books can also be kept under the stairs. This idea will completely transform your otherwise bare hallway. This will also create valuable space in other rooms which would have otherwise been taken up by a bookcase. 



8. Create a secret room in your house by attacking a bookcase to a door

Pretend you’re in Mi5 by creating a hidden room in your house. You gain a great place to store your books as well as a space to plan any secret missions. Win, Win!


Bonus Tip: Take any books you no longer wish to keep to your local charity shop, someone else may love them.


As you can see there are many unique ways in which you can store your favorite books, even making them a feature of your house. No longer should you feel like a hoarder but an inspired interior designer.