No.1 Spot Goes to Twenty4 Secure Storage in SSA UK Awards

Each year the Self Storage Association (SSA) holds an annual awards ceremony in recognition of the top UK storage facility providers. This year the shortlisted candidates attended the ceremony in Manchester on Thursday 27 June where the winners for each category were revealed.


With around 390 members of the SSA, 4 of them went on to become winners for their outstanding standard and achievement in the industry. 


Upon entering the awards for the first ever time, Twenty4 Secure Storage won the top spot for the UK Container Facility of the Year award.

Thursday 27 June, Best Facility UK Container Operators UK, Sponsored by Mr Box

This category recognises storage facilities that operate solely from containers, which has become a much more popular method of storage over the past few years, thus increasing competition.


As a facility that has only been open for a year and a half, it is a great achievement and shows that we have come a long way. From starting with a spot of land to now having 250 containers currently fully occupied, we are among the best of the best and it goes without saying that our staff and customers have helped us get there.


#2 What is the Self Storage Association?

The SSA UK is a member of the Federation of European Self Storage Associations (FEDESSA). They aim to create a profile for the industry as well as setting exceptionally high standards. With that, their main goal is to raise awareness of the benefits of self storage and promote best practice in the industry. That’s where the annual awards ceremony comes into play as it recognises organisations for their hard work.

#3 How We Were Able to Achieve the Winning Title in Under 2 Years


  • Set high standards

    Twenty4 Secure Storage prides itself in its unique storage solutions and goes above and beyond to meet customer needs. In doing this, we aim to raise the standards of outdoor container storage facilities, which our site demonstrates through its contemporary design which provides an enjoyable, accessible and secure environment for our customers. 


  • Create a secure space

We pride ourselves in our security and the safety of our customers and their belongings. That’s why we provide 24hour manned security, meaning our customers feel safe knowing they are never alone onsite. 24/7 CCTV also ensures customers can walk away from their unit with peace of mind knowing that their items will never be left without a member of staff present and will always be monitored. 


  • Maintain a pristine site 

Upon entering the site you are greeted by a sea of blue containers which are all extremely well kept to maintain our sleek image. In order to ensure ease of accessibility, the roads are wide down each row which are cleaned regularly by members of staff.

  • Provide unbeatable costs

We set our prices to cover the value/cost of the benefits we offer. These include our 24/7 manned security and CCTV  as well as free use of a fork lift truck. Our prices range from £8 to £83 per week, depending on the size of the unit. To give the best value for money we also offer discounts which you can discuss with one of our friendly members of staff.


  • Create a community environment

We take an extremely friendly approach with our customers and can assist them in all areas where possible. Not only do we help our customers with their enquiries about our storage solutions but we go a step further by having friendly conversation and having on site refreshments to hand.


  • Get involved with the local community

We are very involved in the local community, both socially and environmentally. We sponsor community organisations, such as the local football team, the Wortley Colts. We also offer free or discounted storage units to charities that need them, such as Help the Homeless.


Since building over abandoned waste-land, we have made an effort to be environmentally-friendly and keep a balance between the landscape and our facility. We have so far planted 120 trees and bushes, which also act as a natural barrier surrounding our units. We also work with Instaplanta for public advertising that doesn’t impact the environment.


  • Open all year round

We stay open, all year round, including Christmas Day and bank holidays. With that, we stand out from our competition and are always there for our customers. 


  • Stay ahead of the game 

We are constantly expanding; regularly ordering new containers to ensure that we are never forced to turn anyone away. With a high occupancy rate currently, we plan to expand to 400 units in the foreseeable future.


#4 What’s next


We have an ambitious vision for our business and not only do we plan to expand our storage facilities and continue offering exceptional customer service but we think outside of the box too.


Currently, we are building a new site office out of shipping containers which will provide a unique space and really build on our true identity as a number 1 container storage facility in the UK.