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Archive Storage in Leeds.
Secure Document Storage

Stacks of paperwork can stress out even the most organised person. There comes a time when you don’t have the space for it. When that time comes, self storage can be a reliable option to consider.

Document Storage for any purpose

For businesses, self storage can be a useful way to re-organise your office space.

  • Keep important but older documents ready to hand
    Often, many files aren’t needed for daily office-work but still need keeping. This could be for legal reasons or as hard-copies of company records. Long term self storage can be a means to keep older documents out of the way, but accessible at a moment’s notice.

  • Storage for a range of files
    Archive storage is suitable for any kind of file. This includes legal documents, tax records, and other business documents. Document storage facilities will keep them safe and organised.

Needing storage for more than papers? We also offer information on business storage.

It’s not only offices that need storage solutions. Archive storage is also for personal purposes. There are many things from home that you may want to use storage for.

  • Personal documents
    Many of us have stockpiles of personal documents. These can be anything from health records and legal documents to sentimental items. Self storage can be a way to free up space whilst keeping your documents safe and easy to access.

  • Sentimental items
    Archive storage doesn’t always mean paperwork. Childhood drawings and work hold a special place in our hearts. Though their time on the fridge may be up, we sometimes can’t bear to part with them. Or it could be you collect issues of a magazine, or newspaper clippings and need somewhere safe to keep them.

Whatever your precious items are, self storage will keep them safe and free from damage.

If you need to store household items as well as documents, You could store both in one unit. By taking a larger unit you can separate the space into archive space and an area for other home items. Have a look at our personal storage page for more information.

Why Archive Storage?

  • Free up your space
    Whether in an office or at home, mounting paperwork can cause stress and take up room. Archive storage keeps excess documents confined to one unit in secure facilities.

  • Easier organisation
    Vast piles of paperwork can make it harder to find what you need. An organised storage room can make your documents easy to locate.

Benefits of Self Storage

  • 24 Hour manned security and CCTV
    Our storage facility always has an active member of staff or security available. Meaning your valuable files are never alone on site, and neither are you.

  • Secure storage containers
    Our storage units were first built as shipping containers. They are of industrial strength material and designed to keep out all elements. So your important documents will remain in immaculate condition.

  • Private documents kept private
    Having your own individual storage unit means your documents are out of the view of other people. The only person with a key to your unit is you, so access is at your discretion.

Different sizes for different needs

We have a large range of unit sizes to suit your needs. For smaller amounts of documents, one of our 10sqft lockers could be ideal.

If you have a large amount of documents or company-wide files it may be better to take one of our larger units. By filling it with free-standing shelves you can create your own archive space.

Our Sizes

  • 10sqft - Roughly the size of a standing locker or wardrobe.
  • 35sqft - Equal to a small garden shed.
  • 75sqft - Big enough to hold the contents of a studio flat.
  • 150sqft - Enough to fit the contents of a 3-bedroom house.
  • 300sqft - Can fit the contents of a large house.
  • 450sqft - Three 150sqft units.

Tips for storing boxes and documents

  • Use a system
    Having a system makes it easy and quick to locate any document you need. Organising beforehand means time saved in the future.

  • Labels
    Once you’ve decided on a system, adding labels to your boxes will help you navigate your files easier.

  • Avoid overpacking
    It can be tempting to try and fit as many documents as possible into one box. But doing so can make boxes heavy and hard to sort through. Packing your boxes with a fair amount of space between files lets you leaf through them with ease.

  • No packing materials? No Worry!
    We have archive boxes, padlocks and other materials available to buy on site.

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